Shading System’s Best Window Treatments

As hard as it may be to believe, window treatments were not materialized with the birth of windows. Many believe the first window shades appeared in the seventeenth century in Holland. In America, window treatments began appearing around 1780. However, since shades consisted of translucent cloth, their decorative designs could be seen by those inside the building and those passing by outside. Being in the twenty-first century, we have come a long way since then. Not only are standard window treatments able to block anyone outside from looking in, treatments today have a plethora of different styles to fit any type of home.

Over the emanate years, Shading Systems has developed partnerships with leading manufacturers of high-quality window shades, blinds, and other light control systems. Presently, our company represents more leading designers and manufacturers of high scale window treatments than any other company in the New York City region. Shading System’s is proof of the evolution of window treatments.

Lighting For Window Treatments

Sunlight is a natural element, which is why many people like to take advantage of its natural illumination. However, natural light often needs to be put under control. If not, the light creates glare on screens, disrupts sleep, and UV rays can damage furnishings. Shading Systems can help regulate the sunlight with window treatments, whether it is with conventional manual controls such as Roman shades or something more state of the art such as motorized and automated shading systems. Nonetheless, Shading Systems can provide customers with the best manufacturers to meet any lighting needs for the Tri-State region.

Lutron Dealer

Over the past 30 years, Shading Systems has been building strong relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of shading control systems and window treatments, such as Lutron. Lutron’s lighting control systems work together with Shading Systems to offer complete control of light in both commercial and residential settings.

Lutron designs and manufactures a variety of high-quality window treatments, including controllable shades, blinds, and many other systems. All window treatments are available in a wide array of fabrics to suit any function or aesthetic need. All window treatments also adjust as daylight dims or brightens, creating the ideal lighting for any occasion. With collaborations between Shading Systems and manufacturers such as Lutron, we offer the largest selection of high-quality window treatments in the New York City area. Here are some of our best services:


If you are in search of a window treatment that will provide the widest range of choices in systems, styles, and fabrics, then shades are an excellent point for consideration. Shades have become the most popular style with recent trends in home design focusing on clean, minimal, and simple aesthetic. A combination between sleek fabric and the capability to control sun, heat, and glare are the key contributors to the rise in the popularity of this window treatment.

The flexibility shades offer allows you to choose from a wide variety of options, covering everything from the ability to completely darken a room to multiple options in light control and privacy. The days of deciding between form and function over design appeal are long gone. The only thing to decide is which of the following shades you want for your home!

Motorized Shades

The newest cutting edge technology belongs to motorized shades where you can operate this new window treatment with a motor. Motorized shades allow you to transform your room in a touch of a button, making it brighter, darker, or creating a slight change of ambiance at the slightest whim. These motorized window treatments can integrate into homes and offices for convenience and practicality.

Motorized shades are convenient, especially for rooms with large windows in need of large window coverings. Instead of manually adjusting the shades multiple times per day to get your preferred lighting, motorized shades conveniently achieve this task. With just one push of a button, you can change the atmosphere of the room in seconds.

This window treatment is just as practical as it is convenient. Motorized shades are perfect for homes and businesses — especially those with large offices and conference rooms with many windows. These shades make it easy to raise office window coverings in the morning, lower them in the evening, and adjust them throughout the day.

This motorized window treatment is the ultimate choice when it comes to convenience and practicality without compromising the look of the room. There are no shortages when it comes to the design of motorized shades, whether you want them sheer, pleat, or woven. You are sure to find a set of motorized shades perfect for your home and office.

Automated Shades

Automated shades are quite similar to motorized shades. Most homeowners often use these two terms interchangeably. However, there are key identifiers, which discern the two and help you decipher which shading system is right for you.

As mentioned before, motorized window treatments simply indicate that the shades operate using a motor, which you control with a push of a button. Automated window treatments also have motors, but they attach to a smart hub. The hub connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to operate your shades with your phone.

Not only that, automated shades can integrate with your smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Most impressively, automated window treatments allow you to program them to operate under specified conditions. For example, you can set your window treatments to automatically open and close with the changing sunrise and sunset times.

Automated shades will give you much more control with less effort. The addition of the hub provides much more functionality without the added costs. If you have a “smart home,” then automated window treatments are perfect for you.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a popular window treatment with a classic style. Roman shades typically use fabric that allows homeowners to raise and lower them with a pull cord. They are designed in different ways, creating numerous different styles. Their versatility and durability make them the perfect shade for high traffic rooms such as living rooms and offices.

This window treatment is a versatile choice that is easily customizable with a wide variety of fabrics, trims, and valances. Being made of fabric, means there are a lot of color and texture options available. Roman shades can be constructed in numerous ways, with some having a flat bottom edge and others being ballooned or looped. They can easily come in a variety of features.

With this versatile window treatment fitting into any aesthetic, liners can add room-darkening benefits. It is most definitely possible to select the fabric of your choice while having the added benefit of blocking light to the degree of your liking with these shades. Roman shades can be a beautiful addition to nearly any home with its all-around everlasting style and flexibility.


Blinds are a classic and traditional approach to window treatments. They benefit homes in so many ways with their different styles. Blinds are available in many colors, textures, and materials to match any atmosphere. Not only that, but they also offer privacy and lighting control. With modern technology, Shading Systems offers enhanced features of the traditional blind!

Motorized Blinds

As the name implies, motorized blinds raise and lower your blinds with a motor. This entails you not having to fuss with cords or chains. Instead, all you must do is press a button to raise or lower rows of blinds in seconds. This window treatment is very similar to motorized shades, as previously mentioned. With motorized blinds and shades being very similar, there is a way to differentiate the two and choose which is best for you. The main difference between the two window treatments is functionality.

Both provide lighting and privacy control, but each meets these needs differently. Both consist of lowering or raising the window treatment to achieve this goal. However, blinds consist of individual, horizontal slats, which can tilt for adjustable light control. Blinds are often considered a “hard” window treatment since they are usually made out of wood, vinyl, or metal. On the other hand, shades are made out of soft, solid pieces of fabric. Since shades are a solid material, they cannot tilt like blinds. In essence, both perform the same acts in emitting or blocking light.

With motorized blinds, homeowners can accomplish lighting and privacy control with ease compared to traditional manual blinds. Since blinds are considered a “hard” window treatment because of denser materials it is made of, they can block UV light, which helps protect your furniture from the harsh sunlight. Blinds also reduce heat in the summer and help retain heat during the winter.

Patio Awnings

Window treatments do not always pertain to indoor spaces. There are many outdoor window treatments as well. Patio awnings have long been a popular choice for NYC area residents trying to maximize the use of their outdoor spaces. Professional window installers at Shading System have assisted many NYC area homeowners with awning installations not only in their patios, but also in their cabanas, balconies, decks, and other outdoor spaces. Shading Systems has also helped architects and commercial property owners design custom made awnings for large outdoor spaces. It is without a doubt, we can assist you with anything from deciding the right window treatment, whether it be standard-sized awning to designing features such as a custom retractable awning.

Retractable Awnings

With the rapid growth in fabric, design, and motorized control options, it is no surprise retractable awnings are the preferred outdoor window treatment for homeowners. This feature can completely refresh the look and feel of your backyard. The increase in options for fabrics and styles, as well as custom design options, gives you a shading system that matches your aesthetic and gives a completely new look to your home – all while providing a functioning purpose for your outdoor guests. Retractable awnings let you maximize the use of exterior areas, by providing stylish protection from nature’s worse weather.

Even better, advances in window treatment shading controls allow you to adjust retractable awnings to any desired degree of shading. You can program this feature to adjust to sun, wind, and rain sensors. Typically, awnings come in neutral colors such as white, ivory, bronze, and camel colors to perfectly contrast any type of outdoor space. Furthermore, retractable awnings are not a hassle to maintain, which makes cleaning a cinch.

A huge benefit of this window treatment is that it can reduce interior heat by 77%. Retractable awnings are a terrific way to protect indoor spaces because they cut glare, heat and UV rays before they can reach the indoors, making them energy efficient. According to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), this window treatment reduces about 25% of your energy bills such as air conditioning. Not only can you revamp your outdoor settings, but you can also save on energy bills. Retractable awnings are the perfect touch to tie your home together while being cost-efficient.

Window Treatment Customer Service

Along with our unmatched selection of shading and light control solutions, Shading System’s service and support truly set us apart from our competitors. Our professional staff works closely with each customer to determine window treatment needs and identify solutions. The amount of high-quality manufacturers we represent combined with our experience enables us to identify optimal solutions for any type of window treatment. Our extensive knowledge and selection of fabrics give us the ability to recommend the right materials for any setting.

Window Treatment Installation

Shading System’s installation capability is a key component of our commitment to service. We have a top-quality team of professional installers who work carefully and efficiently. As a team, we have experience with every type of commercial and residential window treatment installation imaginable. Our New Jersey headquarters – just 20 minutes from New York City, provides quick access to work with clients anywhere in the New York City Metropolitan area.

We guarantee all our work – once the installation is complete, you can count on years of trouble-free service. However, we are always ready to help customers with any future needs because window treatments are always changing, but our dedication to customer service never does.

The Right Window Treatment For You

Shading Systems is proud to be the leading supplier and installer of high-end shading solutions in the Greater New York City area. You can find our window treatment installations in the most prestigious areas and most luxurious residences throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

With our headquarters being so close to the areas we service, this keeps our operating costs low. In return, this enables us to offer industry-leading window treatment products and services at prices competitors cannot match. Furthermore, we still service clients we began working with when we first found our company 25 years ago. We would love to serve you as well, please feel free to contact us at our New Jersey office by dialing (908) 686-4466 or our New York City office at (212) 688-4466!

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