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Keeping your home cool without air conditioning

Posted: Friday, May 21st, 2010 | Filed under: Green shading, Greener living, sustainable living, window treatments
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Saving money on energy costs is possible by keeping your home cool without using the air conditioner. There are many tips out there for keeping your home cool that very in cost and simplicity. Tips can be as simple as opening windows at night keeping the air circulating with fans and closing the windows in the morning when the heat begins to rise. Tips can be a bit more complex, like going over how to shade your home properly to keep your home cool.

Starting with some simple home tips in keeping your home cool without turning on your air-conditioner can lead to comfort in your home. Keep ceiling fan and room fans on, use your air conditioners fan settings instead of your air conditioner if your air conditioning system allows for that. Minimizing cooking, hot showers and laundry will reduce the humidity in the home during the hotter part of the day. Wait till the cooler parts of the evening to do these daily tasks.

Shading your home will keep your home even cooler and will help keep the air conditioner too off mode more often. Shading your home can be done with trees and large bushes, especially if these trees and large bushes are offering your windows large amounts of shading. Using a reflective window film or retractable window awnings can help shade windows keeping your home cool. In regards to choosing blinds, drapes, or window shades, choosing light colored window shades helps reduce the need for using an air conditioner.

There are many shades to choose from and it is important to choose the best fit for your needs. There are blackout shades, sunscreen shades, sheer shades, privacy shades, recessed shades, roman shades, roller shades and many more. Let us know your needs and we can help you choose the right shades for your home.

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