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Types of window décor

Posted: Friday, May 28th, 2010 | Filed under: Shading systems, window shading, window treatments
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There are many types of window décor to choose from in regards to the right appeal for your home, functionality, and cost. There are modern and classic types of shading to use when it comes to the décor of your window treatments. Dependant on your needs and the look of your home’s overall décor is dependant on the type of window décor that may be right for your specific needs. What types of window treatments are right for your home?

5 different types of window décor and their functionality for your home:

• Roller Shades – Very modern and very popular. Roller shades are offered with many fabric types to choose from such as solar control sunscreen, privacy/translucent, and room darkening blackout materials. These materials are ideal for keeping the home cool and helping your window treatment to look very nice.
Skylight Shades– Helping to eliminate unwanted heat and glare with many options available such as roman shades, sloped, custom shapes, and pleated shades.
• Folding Shades – A classic alternative and comes in many fabrics and shapes including accordion-style pleated and honeycomb shades.
• Sunroom Shades – Using retractable shades with Sunroom shades will help reduce cost, protect furniture, and add privacy to your home by using sunrooms, solariums, and atriums.
• Exterior shades – Great to reduce the sun’s heat before it hits enters in your home. These are great for skylights, sunrooms, solariums, and greenhouses

What are your needs and what style of window décor best suits you in regards to your home while still offering your home shade? If you’re still unsure about which shading system best suits your needs in regards to functionality and décor after we’ve listed the different types of window décor and their functionality please reach out and we will help you in regards to finding the right window treatment for your home. The simplest way to contact us is simply to leave your question as a comment on this blog post, along with your contact information and we will be in touch.

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