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What can natural light do for you?

Posted: Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 | Filed under: Home cooling, natural light, sunroom shades
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Sunroom Shades

Sunroom Shades

Natural light has many benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. People who live and work in a well lit environment are happier, healthier, and more productive. Natural light can make your living and working environment feel more spacious. More importantly, utilizing and managing daylight will save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Natural light reduces eyestrain, increases attentiveness, concentration, has even shown to keep children calmer. Need I say more?

You should keep the numerous benefits of natural light in mind when remodeling your home; in order to incorporate appropriate shading options to better manage and control the thermal and lighting benefits provided (for free) by the sun. For example, if you added a sunroom to your home, you will certainly benefit from the heat generated by it from the sun in the cooler months. However, during the warmer months (especially the summer) you will likely double your cooling cost as the sunroom will generate a tremendous amount of unwanted heat. Here is where you will certainly need to hire a professional to install sunroom shades for you. Doing so will keep the room cooler on a summer day and warmer on a brisk winter evening making temperature in the sunroom easier to control throughout the year.

Don’t stop with sunroom shades, perhaps you have large windows, or a skylight. With the addition of a shade system, you will be able to control how much light or heat is generated. Think of your windows having functionality of an electric light with a dimmer control installed. That is what roller shades, folding shades, drapery systems, and other window coverings will do for your glass. What will you do to create more natural light in your home? What will you do to shade your home once you increased your natural light? Think the process through and create the perfect environment for your needs with the right daylight control option.

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