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Retractable Awnings and home value

Posted: Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 | Filed under: awnings, exterior shades, Home cooling
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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings

Most of us want to save energy cost and control the elements of the weather when it comes to our homes. Summer days mean hot uncomfortable days and winter days can mean pouring rain for most of us. Being this is true for most of us, many of us should look into adding a retractable awning to our backyard patio or some of our windows that are most effected by the weather’s elements.

The benefits of a retractable awning are that of many! On a rainy day, stepping outdoors under an awning will be a dry moment instead of a wet moment. On a hot day there are many benefits as well. A retractable awning will stop the sun from hitting the part of the home we aim to protect from the heat. Stopping the sun in its tracks will mean saving on energy cost and staying cooler on a hot, otherwise, uncomfortable day!

Installing a quality retractable awning will increase the value of your home as well. Those looking into purchasing will see the benefits of a retractable awning as an investment as well. A quality awning will last a long time and will benefit the new home owner in regards to comfort, eye appeal, and energy cost. Having this addition will allow you to sell your house for a bit more then your neighbor’s home because of these benefits.

There are many attractive, yet durable, options when choosing a retractable awning for your home. Hiring a professional to help you install or to make the best judgment in where and how to install a new awning for your home is best. Decide what you need from a retractable awning and let a professional guide you in the right direction.

History of Roman shades

Posted: Thursday, August 19th, 2010 | Filed under: Roller Shades, Roman shades, window treatments
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Roman shades

Roman shades

All great inventions have a story that should be told. Where did such a great product come from and why was such a wondrous thing created, like that of roman shades? It’s no secret roman shades come from Rome, but how did this great invention become more then a thought? What is the story of the roman shades?

Before what we know as roman shades were used, a wet cloth was draped over the windows of those that lived in Rome for several reasons. There was much construction going on like that of the Roman Coliseum and other great structures in Rome, these buildings were made of stone which brought lots of dust in the air when being constructed.

Not only was there much construction going on in Rome, people traveled by dirt roads or cobblestone roads as well. Dust filled the air because of the construction and the means of travel used by the people. Dust wasn’t the only problem, the heat invaded many homes. Once this damp cloth was placed in the window by many Romans, this allowed the dust to attach itself to the damp cloth helping homes to be filled with less dust and helping the heat from the sun rays to stay out of many homes.

Soon after the Romans seen the benefits of this damp cloth being placed in the windows of their homes, many women decorated their home with clothes of beautiful patterns to adorn their window. Roman blinds are much different now then they were in those days. These days we have modern capabilities like a draw string or cord to help open and shut our roman shades with ease. Now there are different styles and materials that are used when designing Roman shades. Roman shades have come a long way and we have many options to choose from.

1 The Economics of Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, August 12th, 2010 | Filed under: Greener living, Home cooling, sustainable living
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Window treatments for your home

Window treatments for your home

If you are considering foregoing new window treatments because of the cost, consider this: You can lower your electric costs, take back an overly heated sun room, regain your family’s privacy, and beautify your home simply by adding a window treatment system.
You can substantially lower your energy bills through the proper use of shading systems. If you prevent heat from entering your home through its windows, you will have a decreased need to even turn on the air conditioning unit. This passive cooling technique is recommended by many environmental experts looking to lower carbon emissions produced by cooling systems.
Electricity costs have risen for residential customers for the second month in a row according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. With electricity costs on the rise, people are taking steps to decrease usage. Window shades can effectively and easily lower home energy costs.
Window shades can also provide a privacy screen without interfering with the amount of light that enters your home. Privacy shades can also allow you to see out, but passers-by cannot see in. This is especially beneficial in close neighborhoods or if your home is situated near a sidewalk or another building. Keep your home-life private while still enjoying the summer light in your indoor surroundings.
Shading Systems Inc. provides window treatment systems that are both functional and elegant. Beautifying your home has never been simpler. Imagine a new look both in and out with sleek window shades. You can provide a uniform look to the façade of your home with a shading system, while developing a unique design for each room by choosing from a variety of fabrics and styles of shades.
Window treatments are an effortless home-improvement option that save you money and bring you comfort and piece of mind.

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Improving Workplace Productivity Through Natural Lighting

Posted: Thursday, August 5th, 2010 | Filed under: Greener living, Shading systems
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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a serious condition usually occurring in the winter months, but can also be a result of extended periods spent in a window-less room. Sometimes called the “winter blues,” SAD causes depression, loss of energy, decreased interest, anxiety, social withdrawal, sleepiness, and difficulty concentrating. Certainly these symptoms are the antithesis of what employers are seeking in a productive worker. At the same time, organizations wish to lessen outside distractions or glaring sunlight. Do not cover those windows just yet.

Natural lighting can increase productivity

Natural lighting can increase productivity

Completely blocking out daylight could negatively affect employees. Artificial light does not have the same beneficial effects as natural light. Those benefits include increased productivity and elevated mood.

Organizations must figure out how to maintain the positives, while filtering out issues such as glare and distractions. A simple solution is utilizing a window treatment systemto block out diversions but to let in sunlight. Window shades can let in natural light while filtering it to prevent excessive glare, which is an excellent environment for reading or writing during the workday.

Privacy is another workplace issue that must be addressed where windows are concerned. Window treatments are available that work as a two-way mirror, allowing occupants of the room to enjoy the light and the view, yet preventing passers-by from seeing inside.

Even offices with skylights might find window shades beneficial. Overheating is a common complaint in rooms with numerous windows or skylights. Not only is this an issue with comfort, it can also cause problems with increased air conditioning usage. Using an effective window treatment system, such as the skylight shades available with Shading Systems, Inc., can reduce or eliminate skylight window problems, while still allowing plenty of beneficial natural light into the workplace.

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