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Improving Workplace Productivity Through Natural Lighting

Posted: Thursday, August 5th, 2010 | Filed under: Greener living, Shading systems
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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a serious condition usually occurring in the winter months, but can also be a result of extended periods spent in a window-less room. Sometimes called the “winter blues,” SAD causes depression, loss of energy, decreased interest, anxiety, social withdrawal, sleepiness, and difficulty concentrating. Certainly these symptoms are the antithesis of what employers are seeking in a productive worker. At the same time, organizations wish to lessen outside distractions or glaring sunlight. Do not cover those windows just yet.

Natural lighting can increase productivity

Natural lighting can increase productivity

Completely blocking out daylight could negatively affect employees. Artificial light does not have the same beneficial effects as natural light. Those benefits include increased productivity and elevated mood.

Organizations must figure out how to maintain the positives, while filtering out issues such as glare and distractions. A simple solution is utilizing a window treatment systemto block out diversions but to let in sunlight. Window shades can let in natural light while filtering it to prevent excessive glare, which is an excellent environment for reading or writing during the workday.

Privacy is another workplace issue that must be addressed where windows are concerned. Window treatments are available that work as a two-way mirror, allowing occupants of the room to enjoy the light and the view, yet preventing passers-by from seeing inside.

Even offices with skylights might find window shades beneficial. Overheating is a common complaint in rooms with numerous windows or skylights. Not only is this an issue with comfort, it can also cause problems with increased air conditioning usage. Using an effective window treatment system, such as the skylight shades available with Shading Systems, Inc., can reduce or eliminate skylight window problems, while still allowing plenty of beneficial natural light into the workplace.

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