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History of Roman shades

Posted: Thursday, August 19th, 2010 | Filed under: Roller Shades, Roman shades, window treatments
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Roman shades

Roman shades

All great inventions have a story that should be told. Where did such a great product come from and why was such a wondrous thing created, like that of roman shades? It’s no secret roman shades come from Rome, but how did this great invention become more then a thought? What is the story of the roman shades?

Before what we know as roman shades were used, a wet cloth was draped over the windows of those that lived in Rome for several reasons. There was much construction going on like that of the Roman Coliseum and other great structures in Rome, these buildings were made of stone which brought lots of dust in the air when being constructed.

Not only was there much construction going on in Rome, people traveled by dirt roads or cobblestone roads as well. Dust filled the air because of the construction and the means of travel used by the people. Dust wasn’t the only problem, the heat invaded many homes. Once this damp cloth was placed in the window by many Romans, this allowed the dust to attach itself to the damp cloth helping homes to be filled with less dust and helping the heat from the sun rays to stay out of many homes.

Soon after the Romans seen the benefits of this damp cloth being placed in the windows of their homes, many women decorated their home with clothes of beautiful patterns to adorn their window. Roman blinds are much different now then they were in those days. These days we have modern capabilities like a draw string or cord to help open and shut our roman shades with ease. Now there are different styles and materials that are used when designing Roman shades. Roman shades have come a long way and we have many options to choose from.

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