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Window treatments for your living room

Posted: Saturday, November 27th, 2010 | Filed under: interior design, modern window treatments, Shading systems
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Living room windows

Living room windows

We spend most of our time in our living rooms and our family rooms, this calls for great attention when choosing a window treatment for these rooms. Not only do we spend most of our time in the living room, our living rooms are usually a large focal point for guests. Adorned with larger windows then the rest of the home, the correct choice in window blinds, shades, curtains or draperies are very important.

Privacy, the sun’s glare, and the décor of your living room play an important part in choosing which window treatments are best for your home. You may have a media center on one side of your living room and a large window on the opposite end of your living room causing glare to your television. This situation can ruin any family movie night at its best! In this instance, blackout shades or heavy roman shades could be a great addition to your window.

Color, texture, patterns and style all play a huge factor in the type of window treatments you select in your living room. If you’re starting your living room’s décor from a clean slate make sure you incorporate your window treatment into the plan and not after your décor is complete. If you’re only updating your current window treatments make sure to consider the design of your living room and find ways to make your window treatment choice work well within your living room’s design.

It’s vital to consider function first and window treatment styles second; remembering what we discussed regarding a glare in your television ruining a family movie night, there are other ways your window treatment can be functional for you. If you’re the type to like privacy part of the day but like to open the house up and get fresh air most of the day, maybe a roller shade would be ideal for you. Darken the room when you want privacy and rolling your shades up as you want to open the room up may work better for you. Think about the appearance and the functionality of a window treatment when choosing which is best for your home.

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