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Safety of Window Shades

Posted: Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 | Filed under: Folding Shades, Roller Shades, Roman shades, Shading systems
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We are all aware of the dangers of hanging window cords. Families with small children or pets must be aware of the strangulation hazards and take steps to protect them.

Child safe window treatments

Child safe window treatments

Older window coverings are particularly dangerous and often have long, tangled cords that reach the floor. These products do not meet the latest standards for window treatment safety.

Older shades and blinds should be replaced with cordless window products, according to The Window Covering Safety Council. This is particularly true for rooms of young children and infants, where cords pose a strangulation threat.

Parents of pets must also keep in mind that cords can also be a danger to curious cats and dogs. Cats enjoy perching on window sills and dogs often like to look out windows to see where you go during the day, if you’re coming home, and who might be trespassing in their yard. Therefore, they open themselves up to the strangulation hazards that many pet parents do not even consider.

Addressing safety issues in window coverings with newer cordless blinds can also provide a cleaner appearance to windows. Cords can be an eye-sore, particularly for older blinds. Oftentimes, the string needs tied to prevent it from touching the ground, even when the blinds rest on the window sill. When the blinds are pulled open, the string lengthens and needs to be adjusted, tied up, or hidden, resulting in an unkempt appearance even in a spotless room.

New cordless blinds are slick, stylish, and come in a variety of styles and designs. Folding shades, for instance, are available in accordion-style pleats, honeycomb, and Roman shades. Additionally, there are a virtually unlimited number of fabric and pleat options to design the perfect match to your room and your tastes. Custom fabric designs and a variety of shapes can be used to create a unique window treatment specific to your needs.

Cordless blinds are also available with remote control technology, allowing you to raise or lower the shading system with the touch of a button. Systems can adjust automatically to light levels, temperature, or other factors.

Removing a safety hazard from your home is especially beneficial when you replace it with something that is elegant, convenient, and uniquely you.


Shades for your Home Theater

Posted: Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 | Filed under: blackout shades, Folding Shades, interior design, window shading
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Home entertainment centers are becoming more and more popular, particularly with today’s growing technology. Large, flat-screen, high definition televisions, Surround sound, theater quality speakers. Blue ray, gaming systems, and digital music. All of these available products help to make it easier for families to create the ultimate theater room in their home.

In many cases, it is not feasible for families to renovate in order to create a theater-style room with no windows, slanted floors, and a giant screened wall. However, it is still possible to fashion a stunning movie room, without spending a fortune or putting up walls.

Blackout Shading system

Blackout Shading system

Blackout or light-tight shades darken rooms completely, enabling the best possible conditions for watching the latest hit movie on your HD big-screen TV. Window treatments made of special fabric will completely block out all light, not just filter it. These are not the same as room darkening shades that are available through some manufacturers. Room darkening window treatments will diffuse the light that enters the room, making it darker than with curtains or blinds. However, blackout shades stop up to 99 percent of all visible light that enters a window. Light is unable to penetrate the fabric used to make the shade, creating an ideal solution for home entertainment rooms.

To prevent light from seeping in where the window meets the wall, you have several options. Drapes and a fascia over the roller can help. However, the best choice is to attach the edges of the shade to side channels, typically made from aluminum, which are mounted to the wall.

Light-tight shades go one step beyond that of the blackout window treatments. Light-tight treatments provide complete darkness, sealing out all visible light from a room. With sealed edges and special light-blocking material, these shades can make a room go from lit to pitch black with a roll of the shades.

Even though this room will mostly be used in the dark, your modern window treatment can be stylish and stunning. Not to mention completely affordable.

Installation of light-tight or blackout shades will be as important to your media room as your large screen television and the buttery popcorn.

Window treatments for your office

Posted: Sunday, December 5th, 2010 | Filed under: window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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Office window treatments

Office window treatments

Choosing the right window treatments for the office can be a difficult task. It is usually best to leave this decision process to the professionals because window treatments can speak a message to a consumer a prospective employee in grand measures. An outdated window treatment can tell another that your business goals and principles are outdated as well. One wants to feel and see a business in a modern light, making your window treatments and office décor modern is a must.

Lighting is one factor in choosing window treatments for your office space. Where will the light hit throughout the day? Light can make the environment warm, and conserve power in an office. The light can also shine directly at computer screens making it hard for people to work unless blinds are shut through the day. Who wants that for a view all day, a closed blind? Skylights are the best solution to this problem if the office design can allow that for an option.

In discussing lighting it is important we discuss glare. Reducing glare can be simple if the right window treatment is chosen. Window blinds or shades should be easy to open and close, and they should block sunlight when needed. In creating a great working environment, light must not only be blocked to eliminate glare but must be let in the workplace in a natural way creating a comfortable work space so staff can work well and be productive at the same time.

If curtains are used at the office they need to be simple and completely. In using curtain’s it is important to not be too bold in color unless it perfectly represents the décor and the message the business wants to give to others. Curtains should be heavy and easy to open and close. Usually curtains in the office are best to be a solid color, making for a very professional appearance.

Creating a professional appearance that is functional and allows for sunlight to enter in a natural way is not the only important factors in choosing window treatments for the office. The office should be able to have a decent view as well. This means choosing a window treatment that can keep glare out but allow for one to see the scenery outside the office. This will help keep staff more productive because the “trapped in the box” feeling won’t be a problem. To create such an environment in the office, it is best to hire a professional because of all the factors mentioned.