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What are Cellular Shades?

Posted: Saturday, February 12th, 2011 | Filed under: Green shading, window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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There are many window treatments to choose from, cellular shades are a very unique option and are used in many homes. Some people know cellular shades as cellular blinds or honeycomb blinds. Cellular shades are named for the empty pockets of air that filter through a single, double and triple cell and these run parallel to the shades’ seams. The layers of fabric are joined at the seams so that when the shade is pulled down pockets of air help keep the room dark, quiet, or keep the room at its preferred temperature insulating the room as well. Cellular shades are a durable option in window coverings and provide a modern appearance to any room. More and more, cellular shades are becoming more popular everyday.

Choosing the correct cellular shades for your home isn’t easy; you have to know what you’re shopping for ahead of time. The amount of cell layers and the fabric you chose play an important role in what you’re trying to achieve in using cellular shades. Not only do you need to choose the correct amount of cells your cellular shade comes with, you want to also make sure you pick the correct type, and you want to make sure that you’re choosing cellular shades that will look nice in your home. Selecting the correct fabric and the correct color to match your room’s décor will help you to achieve a very modern look.

Knowing your ultimate goal will help you when choosing the right cellular shade. Do you want light to come into the home and just want privacy or are you looking to darken the room as well? Are you looking to trap the weather elements from entering your home or do you want a light breeze to enter your home on a nice warm day? These are questions to think about before purchasing cellular shades. Think functionality, quality, and design when choosing your cellular shades.

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