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Window Treatments for Child’s Room

Posted: Friday, March 4th, 2011 | Filed under: modern window treatments, privacy window treatments, window blinds, window shading
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Window treatments in a child’s room can really make the room special but safety is the most important measure to consider. While something colorful and whimsical is ideal for window treatments in a child room, safety must come first. Little hands can grab longer drapes and pull them down, while cords can cause strangulation and need to be removed or need to be easily breakable, one hard tug and it breaks to avoid any dangerous accidents. Making sure window covering are absent of decorations or beads as well. A young child can easily pull decorate beads off of drapes, this can be dangerous if swallowed.

Window treatments for children must be safe as well as functional, colorful, and fun. Light and airy window treatments are ideal, but you may want to couple these light and airy window treatments with a darkening window treatment for those that still take naps.

Wood blinds can be easily adjusted to control light, are easy to maintain, and have a nice and clean look for a child’s room. A roller shades may work better in a nursery. Coupling your blinds with a decorative fabric makes for a decorative and updated look. You can couple your blinds with drapes or with an attractive valance.

Another option to a valance is cornice boxes. Cornice boxes help to hide the hardware of a blind or shade. Cornice boxes also look nice if you continue the decorating theme of the child’s room by using the same fabric throughout your child’s room by adding the same fabric to cushions and pillows or other like items in the room. Your cornice box can double as a shelf because you can place collectibles on top of the board. In the end, whichever window treatments you use, make sure the window treatment is functional to your needs, looks nice, and is very safe.

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