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Window Treatments and House Staging

Posted: Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 | Filed under: interior design, modern window treatments, window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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When trying to sell a house, natural light entering throughout the home is important for buyers. Those shopping for a new home are taking notice of everything, including your window treatments. When staging a home, either in New York City or anywhere else, consider the market price when deciding on window treatments. If your home is priced on the high end, then you should maintain that feel with high-end window treatments. Those shopping for a higher valued home, are also shopping for quality.

There are a few options for your window treatments, depending on the function and décor you’re looking for:

Roman shades can make great window coverings for smaller windows, think about your kitchen or bathroom. Roman shades are a little different than other window shades. When the shades are raised, the fabric stacks up in evenly sized panels, but when the shade is lowered (usually by a string), it creates a relatively flat, smooth look. The benefit of having roman shades on windows during your home staging is that you can keep them open during the day and if necessary, closed for privacy at night.

Also consider drapery systems for your home staging, but keep it simple. Since draperies are great for controlling the amount of sunlight entering the room, they’re a great way to let the sun in when showing a home. When home staging, it’s important for the home to received as much natural sunlight as possible. There are a number of different fabrics and colors to choose from so based on your décor, you can customize the look for your own personal home staging.

You can also choose to add wooden blinds to your windows, but they may not allow as much natural light to enter and can usually be a bold statement. Remember to keep your décor simple. Always make sure the fabric colors of your window treatments match the style and décor of the room you are staging. If you keep your room neutral, it won’t be difficult to match your window treatments with the décor.

Office Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, August 25th, 2011 | Filed under: commercial window treatments, Green shading, modern window treatments, natural light
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Taking time to choose the perfect blinds for your office windows will really help make a difference in the work atmosphere. Take the time to learn about your different options for window shades and what would work best for your office. Most likely, you want enough light to enter the room, but don’t want it to be excessive. There are a lot of other concepts to consider too, for example: which floor is your office windows located, which time of the day does the sun hit the hardest?, and so on and so forth.

Your window treatments can really say a lot in terms of your business and how you work. Although you want enough light to enter, it shouldn’t be distracting or cause a glare. Folding shades, or Roman shades are simple and can be adjusted based on the location of the sun. Employees can choose to open or close when they need or keep them open/closed at all times.

Curtains added as window treatments can help make a bold statement and can access the décor in the room. Depending on your type of business or message you’re trying to send, what area you’re located in (NYC: Upper East Side, Manhattan or other surrounding areas), curtains can also be an option. Drapery systems make great solutions and you can even add motorized shading systems as well.

Be sure not to create a dark feel where employees (or even yourself) have a difficult time concentrating. Natural sunlight is important and shouldn’t be hidden by office window treatments. Consider speaking with a professional to discuss these and other options for your office window treatments. You can always explore all different types of shades, from roller to drapery to skylight, in all different colors, fabrics and thicknesses. A great way to express your business is through window treatments!

Window Treatments in Interior Design

Posted: Monday, August 22nd, 2011 | Filed under: modern window treatments, window shading, window treatments
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Window treatments can be a decorative element, and can also serve to be functional and practical as well. From draperies to roller shades to skylight shades to folding shades, each can be customized based on the style and functionality you’re trying to achieve for your specific room. It’s very important to consider adding modern window treatments throughout your home during your interior design process. Designers depend on windows for a certain brightness, creating or accenting a specific focal point of a room. Furniture is usually places based on the window locations and window shades should be designed as part of the room, not as a separate décor piece.

Be sure to explore all of the different options you have. There’s a wide range of window treatments and a number of manufacturers to choose from. Be willing to try different looks during your design process. You should use some form of window treatments, minimal or not, they provide a great texture while maintain a clean, natural look. Trying out different window shades can give your room a different look and feel, so depending on your other interior design elements, you may enjoy a certain look over another.

Once you’ve decided on the look of your room, you may want to think about the function of the window treatments. Window shades can provide privacy when wanted to needed and can also control the amount of natural sunlight entering the room. When window shades are closed, they can block out the sunlight and unwanted heat. Sunlight can damage your interior furnishings, so it’s important to close and window shades when you’re not home.

Before running out to purchase some window treatments, you should take some time to research your options. What type of window shades will work best for your windows? Which shades will accent your favorite piece of furniture? Would you rather folding shades or roller shades? Take your time in deciding which option is right for you. Explore the market and talk with an expert who can give you information and recommendations based on your preferences.

Window Treatments and Window Design

Posted: Thursday, August 18th, 2011 | Filed under: interior design, Roman shades, window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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There are endless ways to decorate your windows. Window treatments help create the look and feel of your home where you want it to be and serve a functional purpose in keeping out heat and sunlight. There are many types of windows and window treatment options so if you’re shopping for a certain window, here are different window treatment options to keep in mind.

For very large windows, covering it entirely can cause a lot of tension. The weight of the window shade can become very heavy. Instead, consider dividing your window shades into multiple blinds on a single rail and install them next to each other. If you don’t like the idea of splitting the shades on your large window, consider other control options instead of a string. You can motorize them or all a more sturdy type of control.

Window treatments for French doors are very popular. You can cover your doors with a few different types of window shades. Consider keeping your room consistent and choose a similar, if not the same type of window shade for your French door and you did the windows in the room. Think about blinds with smaller slats so you don’t interfere with opening and closing the doors. You can put any kind of folding shades on your doors, Roman shades, honeycomb shades or others. Sometimes you may want to consider keeping it simple since it’s in addition to window treatments already in the room.

Covering skylights in your home of office building may help block heat and cold form coming in while still bringing in the natural light. Skylight shades help control and regulate how the sunlight enters the room throughout the day. Skylight shades are available in a number of different styles, including folding, or Roman shades, flat roller shades, sloped shades and pleated shades. You can even customize your window shade based on the dimensions of the skylight you’re covering.

Many windows are designed differently, but window treatments can be customized to your liking, from the style, to the color to the type of fabric. Based on what you want you window shades to do, or which windows you want to cover, Shading Systems Inc. can work with you to help choose the right option for you. If you’re in the New York City area, contact us today!

Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Posted: Sunday, August 14th, 2011 | Filed under: Folding Shades, Green shading, modern window treatments, natural light
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Bay window treatments will give your living room, bedroom or kitchen exactly what it needs to complete the décor. A bay window projects outward from the rest of the house, adding either a small seating area or some type of shelf. Most bay windows are used to increase the amount of natural sunlight entering the house, but at times you will need something to cover them. There are a few different ways to accent your bay windows with window treatments.

First, you can use drapery panels, but add them to the return walls of the bay window. Instead of covering the window, you frame it. Don’t obstruct the view from the bay, but try and accent it. This is a great option for your bay window treatments if you have a scenic or impressive view that you don’t want to hide. Aside from the elegant look, floor-length draperies tend to look best, creating the illusion of higher ceilings.

You can also choose to add bay window treatments, but in a more functional yet elegant design. Roman shades frame the window, but still add a colorful accent to the room. Roman shades can be simple, yet practical to accent your room (through your bay windows) but still providing privacy when needed or wanted. The fabric is pleated on Roman shades when the string is pulled and folds up in clean, regular intervals.

Wooden shutters can also be an option for bay window treatments. Shutter are flexible, in terms of opening and closing whenever you need, and offer a rustic, country look to the room. Paired with drapery or other fabric window shades, you can get the best of both worlds. If you add wooden shutters to long drapes, you can make your bay window seem larger overall. Bya windows can be found in residents throughout New York City and other surrounding areas.

If your bay window area already has a thick molding, consider keeping your bay window treatments simple and elegant. You don’t want to clutter the look and feel of the room, but instead – make it as appealing as possible.