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Window Treatments for Office Building

Posted: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 | Filed under: commercial window treatments, modern window treatments, window treatments
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The environment and lighting has a significant effect on workers in and office building. Dark spaces tend to dampen the moral of employees, where natural sunlight releases endorphins that improve emotion and mood. Natural light allows ideas to flow as opposed to dark rooms where the brain doesn’t flow ideas as well. You need to take into consideration the location of your windows in comparison to the sun throughout the day before you decide on what window treatments will work best for your office building. Some spaces have a lot of windows, some have little, you need to consider glare problems especially with computer screens. All spaces are different and therefore require different window shades.

Folding shades make great window treatment solutions for offices. They are the classic window covering for style and function. To keep your office neutral, consider Roman shades or honeycomb shades. There are many different types of fabric and colors to choose from. Folding shades allow employees to open and close their window shades when needed. These types of window treatments are designed to be energy efficient. In the summer, these shades provide a barrier between the sun and the office space and can keep out the scorching heat.

Solar shades may also be a great office window treatment solution. They are designed to control sunlight and heat penetrating the window. This type of window treatment cuts glare and filters light. Employees can retain privacy while still seeing outside. Solar shades are common in smaller office spaces, but can be spread throughout offices as well.

Both folding shades and solar shades give offices a sharp look while being practical in terms of function. Offices throughout New York City and New Jersey use a variety of window treatments, depending on the location, the type of business and so on and so forth. Window treatments can improve the look of your office space as well as the atmosphere.

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