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Planning Window Treatments While Building a Home

Posted: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 | Filed under: modern window treatments, privacy window treatments, window shading, window treatments
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With construction, whether it’s home remodeling or building a new home, it’s important to plan ahead for window treatments. Taking time to identify the types of window treatments and window coverings for your home, before the construction is complete will result in a more cost-effective and practical outcome. Since window treatment selection can be difficult due the variety of options, the benefits of deciding on the type of window covering during construction are endless.

When building a home or remodeling, selecting the type of windows should be followed by selecting types of window treatments. Style, shapes, size and location of the window will all determine the type of window coverings necessary for a particular room. Arched and angled windows will allow the warm sun to enter during the winter months, but how will you keep the heat out during summer? If your customized window faces the sun in the morning, should you consider privacy shades? What type of window coverings will agree with your style and serve as a practical window shade? All these questions should be addressed during construction.

Many home owners in the New York City area have chosen to incorporate motorized shades into their home. The best time to install these window shades is during construction when electric plans and construction can be thought out together. Motorized shades allow for quick, one touch window solutions. The size of your windows as well as the placement of windows is important during installation. Motorized shades, like most other options can be customized for your windows.

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