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Window Treatment Ideas

Posted: Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 | Filed under: interior design, modern window treatments, window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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Dressing windows with window coverings can be a huge decision in decorating or remodeling your home. From roller shades to draperies, there are perfect window treatment combinations for every home. Window treatments can serve as a primary decorating piece while also serving as a practical decision. Window shades, blinds, draperies or even a combination of these can be a very functional solution to blocking sunlight and providing privacy for your home.

There’s more to picking and choosing when it comes to window treatments. Homeowners should evaluate their functional needs first. What rooms are you working with? What do your windows face? How important is privacy? When does the sun hit this side or the house? Once you evaluate the function you want your window coverings to serve, you can move on to the window architecture. Is your window oddly shaped? Do you want to add space? Is there an arch? How is your window constructed and what features do you need to take into consideration? Now onto the fun part…

To determine the type of window treatments you should be looking for, decide on the style of the room first: traditional or contemporary? This will help you start in the right area. For contemporary styles, think about window blinds. Traditional styles may include draperies or roller shades, but with the appropriate accenting you can mix and match.

The color is also an important design option you want to play around with. Depending on which type of window covering or window treatment you choose, colors can add to make a better look and feel. If your room is neutral, you may want to add a bold color to add a “pop” to your room. You can also stick with the neutral feel also.

Make sure your window treatments add balance to your room. Sometimes less is more if you already have a busy room. Roller shades add a simplistic look while patterned draperies add a texture to the room. Depending on your style, any window treatment can be customized for you home.

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