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Questions to ask Before Deciding on Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, October 6th, 2011 | Filed under: Green shading, modern window treatments, window treatments
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If you’ve decided on adding (or changing) window treatments in your home, but can’t decide on what you want, be sure to run through this list of questions. Each window is different and every room in your home serves a different purpose. There are plenty of window treatments, window shades and window coverings to choose from, so there’s no doubt you can find the best window treatments for your home.

1. Do you want light to enter the room? If so, how much?

Depending on which room your adding window treatments to, that will most likely determine how much light you want to enter. If your windows face the sun, you’re probably going to want the option of keeping the sun out or letting it in. Different window shades can provide different levels of light entering a room.

2. Do you want privacy in the room?

Of course, most homeowners will want privacy in their homes, especially if you’re in a highly populated area, like New York City, but not all rooms need the same amount of privacy. Window blinds and window shades will allow you to determine the amount of privacy your want to keep. These types of window treatments allow opening and closing based on your preference at a specific time.

3. What are the needs for each room in your house?

Each room in your home has a different feel and purpose. When deciding on whether window shades or window blinds will be better, consider the needs for the room. Are your window hard to reach? Do you want full privacy? Do you want to keep the room energy efficient? Do you want the cords to be hidden behind the window coverings?

4. What type of style are you looking for?

Once your determine the function of the window treatments, you can move on to the “fun” part, style. Adding your personality to your home will allow you to choose the right look based on your personal preference. Most window shades, window blinds and other window treatments are customizable.

Take your time when choosing window treatments for your home. Explore your options before deciding on the best treatments. Ask yourself these questions (and others) to help choose the best window treatments for you.

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