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Window Treatments for Small Windows

Posted: Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 | Filed under: window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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Sometimes adding window treatments to small windows can be just as challenging as adding them to large windows. Most times, you’re going to want to make the small window look larger by adding the appropriate window shades. Many living spaces in New York City, such as on Madison Avenue, have small windows, but homeowners have added window treatments to help create the illusion of larger windows.

By using full-length curtain draperies, you can increase the height of the window. You can also just add panels (not necessarily full length), which will make the window seem larger too. If your panels are wider than the window, you can also make the window appear larger. Keep light colored panels in mind for best results. Height and width are important for windows, but try to keep the true size of the window hidden subtly.

Window shades or window blinds can add volume to your small window when drawn. Adding window blinds or roman shades will create an illusion and make your window seem larger. You can accent these types of window treatments with some simple draperies so your window maintains that “large” look even when the window shades are open.

Some windows in your home can pose challenges, but there are always ways to create illusions and make your window (and room seem larger) by adding window treatments. Certain window treatments can disguise the true size of windows. Many different window treatments can be used on your small windows, such as draperies, window blinds or window shades, depending on the look you’re trying to create for the room.

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