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Types of Window Shades

Posted: Monday, April 23rd, 2012 | Filed under: blackout shades, Folding Shades, Roller Shades, Roman shades
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Window Shades

Window Shades

There are two distinct categories for window shades: folding shades and rolling shades. Both offer great shading solutions and are excellent window treatment options for your home or office. Since folding shades and roller shades have a few different features, one may be a better option than the other, depending on what you’re looking for in window treatments.

Folding shades come in many different styles. The three main types of shades are Roman shades, honeycomb shades and pleated shades.

  • Roman shades are used to block out the sunlight. What makes Roman shades different from other window shades is that when opened, they stack up evenly.
  • Honeycomb shades are accordion-style pleated shades. If you look at these shades from the side, they look like a beehive, hence the name. What makes honeycomb shades a great window treatment option, if there high level of energy efficiency.
  • Pleated shades are similar to honeycomb shades except that don’t have the cell. These shades don’t block light fully, but offer great style features and privacy.


Rolling shades are usually a single, solid piece of fabric that is opened and closed on a roller mechanism. These types of window shades offer great solar control. There are two main categories: Solar roller shades and privacy or blackout roller shades.

  • Solar shades are designed specially for controlling heat and light. Because of the variety of fabric choices designed for these two demands, solar shades can satisfy both function and style demands.
  • Privacy shadeswere designed for privacy solutions, but there are a variety of levels of privacy. Basic privacy shades block other from seeing inside your commercial or residential space.
    • Room darkening and blackout shades serve both privacy concerns and light concerns. These types of roller shades are usually installed to block visible light from entering a room. Often times, businesses seek shading solutions for media and conference rooms in the New York City are to block the outside light and noise.


Folding shades and roller shades are both great window treatment options. With all of the style choices as well as the fabric choices available, it’s easy to customize your window treatments to fit your style and aesthetic demands.

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