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What Are Privacy Shades?

Posted: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 | Filed under: Blockout shades, natural light, privacy window treatments, Roller Shades, Roman shades
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Privacy Shades

Privacy Shades

One version of roller shades that have become quite common, especially in the New York City area are privacy shades. Privacy shades allow you to control the view from outside in. Not only can privacy shades be installed as window treatments, but also they can serve as a divider in your home.

Privacy shades are installed as a solution to shield others from seeing into your space, not necessarily for solar protection. Although there are other roller shades that provide solar protection and privacy, such as room darkening shades or blackout shades. Depending on the opacity of the fabric and material of the shade you have privacy and light control options. Obviously, the darker the fabric color, the less chance people will see throughout your shades.

Privacy shades can be installed in commercial or residential spaces. Many offices have conference rooms or executive offices that are in need of privacy at times. Privacy shades are a great solution and make great window treatments for the home or office. If you customized your roller shade fabric to include a privacy shades fabric, you can achieve both privacy and sun control!

If you’re looking for a complete blackout or room darkening shade, consider a different solar solution. Blackout fabric is often found in different roller shades and can block up to 99% of visible light from entering a room. Some fabrics can also block noise as well, which is a common request amongst New York City residents.

The most common privacy shades are used to block outside viewers from seeing in, a simple “wall” in between. If you’re more interested in blocking the light from entering your home or keeping the sun and heat out, consider blockout or room darkening shades. Both are solutions for light and solar control and provide great window treatment options to match your existing décor!

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