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Motorized Shades for Business Offices

Posted: Friday, August 17th, 2012 | Filed under: Green shading, interior design, motorized window treatments, natural light, Roller Shades
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Motorized shades

Motorized shades

Motorized shades are great for any office space. They are even great additions for public areas in office buildings, such as the conference room, the cafeteria or the boardroom. Motorized roller shades make a great window treatment option for many solar control applications. Since roller shades are very “clean cut,” they go well aesthetically with most office spaces.

The idea of using motorized roller shades comes in handy for any areas that aren’t easily reachable, which is why we mentioned the large, public spaces above. Having motorized shades, where they are operational through a remote, can be problem solving for everyone.

If you’re looking for roller shades for reasons other than solar control, there are many fabric choices and options available. Many use roller shades for solar protection, privacy reasons/blackout options or as screens in their conference rooms. With the manufacturer options and the wide variety of choices, it’s easy to customize your order and maximize the flexibility of your roller shades.

Control your roller shades with the touch of a button or enjoy a classic, stainless steel pull chain for manual operation. All shades, no matter the fabric can be customized for aesthetic and function preferences.

There are many other window treatment options that can be customized with a motorized operational system too. If you’re looking for honeycomb shades, draperies or another type of window treatment, chances are that they are available in a motorized option. With the variety of fabric choices available, there’s no doubt you can customize your window treatments to match you work atmosphere. Many window shade manufacturers now offer “green” fabrics as well, so if you’re energy efficient or look to save on energy costs, eco-friendly fabrics are always an option!

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