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Fabric Window Treatments

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Fabric Window Treatments

Fabric Window Treatments

Enhance your interior décor with window treatments. The number of ways to decorate your windows is endless, especially with the variety of fabric options. Whether you like the look of straight, clean lines for a more modern feel or if you’re a bit more traditional, take a look at some of these fabric window treatment options.

Window Shades

Folding Shades are decorative and provide beauty and functionality to any room décor. There are different types of folding shades including Roman shades and honeycomb shades.

  • Roman Shades provide a clean, classical look and most commonly have a flat panel of fabric that creates soft folds when raised by overlapping folds.
  • Cellular shades or honeycomb shades are fabric shades with pleated fabric that stacks like an accordion. These shades come in different fabric options, pleat choices and of course, colors.
  • Balloon shades are similar to Roman shades in that they operate the same way, but instead of folding, the shades create billows at the bottom of the shade (when opened) to create a more romantic effect.

Folding shades can be used in a variety of ways for your home. Many use folding shades on their traditional windows and others use them in the kitchen. There are many fabric options for Roman shades, cellular shades and balloon shades.


Draperies often hang from a rod above your window and can many times be installed on motorized systems. There are many styles of draperies as well.

  • Pleats – The pinch pleated drapery appears when someone pinches together the fabric along the drapes. This look is for more formal rooms
  • Straight – Straight draperies simply hang around the window frame and are designed for simplicity.
  • Grommet – Grommet draperies are more informal because a rod is placed through grommet holes in the tops of the drapery fabric. Grommets are usually about an inch apart results in pleats or folds when the drapery is pulled back.

Draperies provide a nice look to any home and can be customized for more formal (or informal) rooms depending on your décor.

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