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Child Safety: Window Treatments

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Blind Cord Safety

Blind Cords

Window shades or blinds don’t often come to mind right away as a child hazard, but they definitely can be. Cords, especially can dangle low and can be easy to reach for children. Not only can they pull on it hard enough to remove the entire mechanism, but they can tangle themselves very easily. Many cords also have a gripping piece at the end that is small enough where a child can swallow it. There are many ways to keep your child safe and to update your window treatments for your child’s safety.

Many older shades don’t include the most up-to-date safety features. Therefore, if your window treatments are old, or date back prior to 2011, it might be a good idea to update. Many recent safety features include loop control, cordless operation, want pull and even motorized shades. Children’s bedrooms should only have cordless window shades or coverings. Same goes with their play areas or common rooms which they often spend time in.

Move all furniture, including cribs, beds, changing tables away from windows and window cords. It may not seem obvious, but kids are curious and will climb all over your furniture to reach that dangling object.

Keep all cords out of the reach of children. Your cords should be short enough that they don’t come near the floor or within a child’s reach. Use loop cords to permanently anchor the cord to the wall (wrap it around the mount). Lock your cords into place and be sure to keep them securely in place.

If you have honeycomb shades or folding shades that can be operated without a cord, think about going cordless. Motorized shades are also a great option for anyone looking to keep their children safe and to ease the operation of opening and closing window treatments (it’s a win-win!)

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