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Exterior Shades

Posted: Monday, December 24th, 2012 | Filed under: awnings, exterior shades, Home cooling, natural light, window shading, window treatments
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Window Awning

Window Awning via wikimedia

Exterior shades can be a great solution to help control unwanted sunlight or glare issues. These shades can be great for any window in your house that gets a lot of sun throughout the day. They also make great shading solutions for greenhouses, sunrooms, outdoor patio or seating areas or even glass garages, most often found on businesses or more modern homes.

Most exterior shades can be mounted on any window or patio around your house to control solar heat rays. With the touch of a button, the motorized shades can be opened or closed!

Exterior shade options can include rollup screens, retractable awnings, fixed panels and curving systems. Depending on the window(s) you’re looking to cover, you can customize for an appealing presentation, yet functional solar control option.

By installing outdoor window shades, you can significantly reduce cooling costs inside your home, while creating a pleasant atmosphere for your patio or sunroom. Exterior shades are designed to stop the heat before it hits your window. The solar screen fabrics reduce heat transfer and keep your home cool. Outdoor shades also reduce the glare and help block UV rays.

Exterior shades offer light control options and are available in various fabrics so you can choose the level of light control you need. Different fabrics are designed in different opacities to allow certain percentages of light to pass through. These shades can significantly make a difference in your home by lowering cooling costs. They are a great solution for anyone looking for a creative, yet effective way of adding window shades to their home.

Exterior shades are also available in several colors to complement the exterior paint of your home.


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