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Venetian Blinds: A Popular Window Treatment

Posted: Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 | Filed under: modern window treatments, window blinds, window treatments
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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds via Flickr: Magnaverd

One of the most commonly used window treatments, Venetian blinds are composed of horizontal slats that can be operated with a drawstring or wand. The drawstring is technically referred to as a cord, and it allows the operator to determine the height of the blinds with a simple tug. The wand serves to open the slats to allow more or less natural light or privacy.

Venetian blinds are typically made of metal or vinyl; however, Venetian blinds are also popular in wood. These blinds are very popular because they afford homeowners and apartment dwellers maximum privacy. With varying degrees of slat opening, availability in miniature form, and wide selection of materials and colors to choose from, many people select Venetian blinds for the bottom line: cost. These blinds can be purchased inexpensively and are also available in more extravagant collections.

When considering design options with Venetian blinds, it is easy to layer window treatments. You could have Venetian blinds with sheer or blackout drapes for desired natural lighting, and wood Venetian blinds can be used to compliment unique cabinetry and molding.

There are very few cons when it comes to Venetian blinds. Dust is one. The slats can become dust collectors and they must be carefully wiped to avoid damage. Another issue with Venetian blinds is commonness. Venetian blinds are very, very popular and risk the reputation of being less classy than other window treatments.

As with any interior design feature , being mindful of setting is a must. In rooms with small children who are likely to play with and touch blinds, purchasing a higher quality product will avoid frequent repairs and replacement. When purchasing Venetian blinds, it is imperative that the window is measured properly. Improper measurements can compromise the privacy feature of these blinds by leaving gaping holes alongside the window frame. The proper way to measure for Venetian blinds is from the frame, not the glass itself. Make sure you put your measuring tape to the frame and record height and width properly. Otherwise, you could end up with some comically incorrect shading.

Another selling point for these affordable window treatments is installation. Provided the measurements are correct, installing Venetian blinds is very simple. The product is mounted at the top of the window frame and can be installed and ready for use in minutes.

Venetian blinds are a great choice for homeowners seeking privacy and options. This product is widely available in many styles and colors making it an easy addition to almost any décor.


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