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Window Treatments and Energy Efficiency

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Cellular shade

Cellular shade

Blinds come in many shapes and sizes. Some are heavy, some are sheer, and some are downright ugly. While the selection is endless, the true competition comes down to the bottom line: which window treatments will save you money without breaking the bank to install?

We can rule blackout shades out this time. The cost of installation makes blackout shades more of a luxury than a marginal cost-benefit winner. Although blackout shades will reduce the heating and air conditioning bills, they’re not the only solution when it comes to energy efficiency.

Blackout curtains are another option. They add drama to a room while also adding great insulation. These heavy curtains can seem out of place during the summer months, but are a warm welcome in drafty rooms. Despite seeming seasonally inappropriate, blackout curtains do a wonderful job keeping rooms cool during the hot summer months. These are also relatively inexpensive and can provide a quick fix during desperate times.  Blackout curtains can be used in conjunctively with other preexisting window treatments. These curtains can be layered with traditional rolling shades, roman blinds, horizontal blinds, or sheer curtains.

One of our favorites is the cellular shade. This option is made from solid fabric and stacks like an accordion for easy light and privacy adjustment. Much like traditional blinds, the cellular shade is operated with a pull-string. Unlike traditional blinds, the cellular shade offers energy efficiency in a unique way: the cell design traps air to help insulate the room from damaging heat absorption and heat loss. As an added bonus, cellular shades can actually protect the interior of your home from harmful UV rays that result in furniture and carpet fading.

For those worried about the options afforded by cellular shades, never fear: cellular shades come in a variety of color and light filtering options so you can match these window treatments to your home and room style.

Another desirable feature in cellular blinds is the cord loop, which is available in remote controlled options. Even better – you can set timers for these highly efficient blinds so that the temperature is well regulated when you’re away from home. These blinds are also available in top to bottom opening options, so you can add some flair to your window treatments while still retaining privacy.

Cellular shades can be purchased almost anywhere. Most home improvement and window stores carry these convenient additions. As with any window treatment, make sure you measure properly for each window so that no energy efficiency is lost through unnecessary gaps in window coverage.


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