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Remodeling Your Home? Use Houzz!

Posted: Saturday, March 9th, 2013 | Filed under: Home Improvement, Remodeling
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Houzz and Home Decor


Deciding what style you want when remodeling your home or designing a space for the first time can be overwhelming. Where can you start? With example ideas, of course! While dream plans used to mean a trip to the showroom, you can now decorate your space from the comfort of your own home. Using online look-books, you can assemble a collection of inspirational photos and materials that will complete your desired space.

So what’s the best site to use for planning a home renovation? Most amateur and professional designers are familiar with Pinterest, the social media network that provides inspirational photos of amazing places, spaces, design, and beauty. Pinterest has become a beloved part of many people’s internet routine. However, the up-and-coming social network, Houzz, one-ups Pinterest when it comes to home design inspiration and assistance.

Houzz allows users to create an ideabook for their latest projects. If you are remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or other space, you can find photos of completed projects on Houzz. Additionally, Houzz provides users with great articles in one central location, so there’s more than just a pretty picture. Beyond the basic, Houzz provides inspiration and tips for every type of room, including everything from wine cellars to something as small (and often overlooked) as the staircase.

In addition to inspirational ideas and articles, Houzz provides a network of local professionals so you can execute your home design dreams. There are over 1.5 million professionals associated with Houzz, and you can read reviews of their work all from the social media platform. With the ability to filter by style and detail, you’ll find envisioning your dream space to be a fun, exciting process rather than the old-school scissor and box method.

Of course, for projects like window treatments, Houzz provides a lot of ideas and solutions to suit your needs. The site doesn’t stop with photos, contractors, and reviews, it also displays prices for items like curtains and blinds, so you can make sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Once you’ve started your project, share the details on the discussion boards. Here, you can post before and after photos, get opinions from other design-minded individuals, or share concerns about different issues. The discussion board is sorted into topics like “Design Dilemma”, “Before & After”, and, for users who are still finding their way; “Using Houzz” discussion topics help you get the most out of your online ideabook.

So sign up and get inspired for your latest project. You might find motivation to update things you never thought needed changing, but that’s the exciting part of home renovations: the possibilities are endless.

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