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Window Shading and Interior Décor

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Window treatment types

Window Treatments

When it comes to choosing the perfect window treatments, the options are endless. Some people find shading solutions so alluring, they redesign a room around the windows! If you’re already in love with the current décor, finding window treatments that fit the theme and feel of the room is absolutely possible. The best way to approach your window treatment search is to analyze the room and determine what you want from the options.

When deciding which type of shading you prefer, narrow the options by asking yourself a few questions about the space in question. Do you envision traditional blinds or heavy drapery? Would you like soft natural light, or no natural light at all? When making these decisions, think about the primary use of the room. Is it a space for relaxing or a home gym? Are there outdoor views you would like to take advantage of, or is energy efficiency your top priority?

Once you determine your preferences, it’s easy (and fun!) to find shading options that will suit your needs. Social networks like Pinterest and Houzz offer design inspiration for those stuck in a makeover rut. Searches like “window treatments”, “window shading”, or even “windows” lead to great results.

If you have a particularly dull view outside your window, but you crave natural light, there are wonderful sheer curtains that can change the look and feel of your room. Houzz provides so many options for design, and you can create your own idea book. This social media network is great for organizing any remodeling project from an entire kitchen to new window treatments. It also provides a search engine to find local professionals so you get the best installation experience possible.

Off the web, local home stores offer some of the best ideas in real time. Shop for ideas at big box stores and boutiques to get inspired, or ask other homeowners how they chose their window treatments.

In some cases, hiring a designer might be the best option. If you know what you want, but have a hard time finding the right materials or executing your plan, a professional can save a lot of stress. Designers have access to the best contractors, prices, and designs to make your decorating dreams come true.

As with any project, whether you do it yourself or have assistance, make sure all windows are measured properly, as ill-fitting shades will not provide you with the solution you need.

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