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Window Treatment Challenges and Bay Windows

Posted: Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 | Filed under: Home Improvement, interior design, Shading systems, window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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 Window Treatment Challenges and Bay Windows

Bay Window

Bay windows have become a favorite in most homes. Sometimes, these three paneled windows are used with seating for a unique reading space. Other times, bay windows are found in the eat-in kitchen. Really, bay windows can be found anywhere. Choosing your window treatment options for the bay window are endless. Some people opt for no window treatments at all!

If you’re wondering what the best option would be for your bay window, consider the space where the window is located. Is it high traffic or a quiet space? Does the room require extra privacy, or is it facing your fenced or wooded yard? Would you like to be able to adjust the natural light easily, or do you want to maintain the same feel on a regular basis?

Bay windows can be furnished in almost any type of treatment. From curtains to blackout shades, the decision is up to you as the homeowner, but we’ll go over the most common choices for bay window treatments.

In the kitchen or breakfast nook, most homeowners opt for sheer curtains that cover half of the window. Why? Homeowners choose this option because it’s traditional, offers natural light, and provides the illusion of privacy. If your bay window faces a busy street or noisy neighborhood, you will appreciate the subtle privacy this option gives you. Instead of feeling like you are eating outdoors, you’ll feel cozy and safe.

In the living room or library space, heavy curtains are a favorite, especially when the bay window includes a seat! You can easily enjoy this quiet space whether it’s bright or gloomy outside.

For the dining room, many homeowners opt for having no window treatments or just a valance. This is especially true for dining rooms with quiet outdoor views.

If you’re looking for design ideas to treat your bay window, Pinterest and Houzz are great social networks that let you compile your ideas in one, neat space. You won’t be clipping magazines and making a mess. Instead, you can chat with other homeowners about your options and find the best prices possible for the window treatments you desire.

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