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Top Trends in Bathroom Window Treatments

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Bathroom Window treatments

Bathroom Shades

Beautiful new window treatments in your bathrooms can quickly transform the look and feel of these rooms, adding much more light than your bathrooms had before – which can make them look bigger, airier and newer. When you consider that a full bathroom remodel can cost over $25,000 in many cases – and many of our New Jersey customers say that’s the amount their contractors charge just for labor! — it’s a far more affordable room makeover to simply choose from the new trends in bathroom window treatments, some of which are the very same window treatment effects you’ll see in top spas and 5-star hotels and resorts.

Here are the top trends in bathroom window treatments:

  1. Sheers. Light, flowy, translucent sheers allow far more light into your bathroom than heavier curtain fabrics that can ‘weigh down’ the visual effect of the space. Sheers can be drawn to cover the entire window, or pushed to the sides to frame each of your windows, and still provide a light touch of color emanating through a softer-weight fabric. When sheers are drawn closed, they offer privacy for large or small windows.
  2. Roman shades. The gently folded effects of Roman shades provide a touch of artistry in your professional window treatments, especially when your chosen Roman shade colors match or complement the colors within your bathroom tiles, walls, sinks and bathroom hardware. Custom-ordered Roman shades provide a great deal of privacy above a spa bathtub or next to a spa shower when lowered, and when easily raised, they create a gentle, folded effect that emulates the look of soft, folded spa towels. Professional window treatment companies now offer custom Roman shades in waterproof materials to prevent mildew issues and keep your shades looking their best for a long time, extending your investment.
  3. Mid-level sheers and open tops. When designed for placement in front of a beautiful spa bathtub, mid-level window treatments feature an attractive window curtain rod extending across the mid-section of your windows. From that rod hang pretty sheers providing privacy, yet still allowing filtered light to make your bathroom brighter and more spacious, especially since the top half of your windows aren’t covered by custom window treatments, with the exception of a delicate coordinating window valance or drape at the very top for decorative effect. This is one of the top spa-inspired window treatments for ultimate brightness in your bathroom spaces.
  4. Woven shades. Add a touch of natural beauty and texture to your bathroom design by switching to custom window treatments made with natural materials such as bamboo or other woven natural materials that can, again, coordinate with the shades and tones in your bathroom or shower tiles, sinks, vanity, and bathroom accessories. Natural material window treatments evoke not just a spa feeling, but may also remind you of the window shades at a tropical resort, light, easily-raised and secured, letting just a bit of slatted light into the room.
  5. Long, flowing sheers and curtains. They’re not just for living room window treatments or dining room window treatments. Now, bathrooms get to feature long sheers or light-fabric curtains that extend from the top curtain rod all the way down to the floor, with custom curtain material left longer, pooling on the floor for a softer effect that’s more modern and chic than curtains cut right to floor level. Full-length sheers make your windows look larger as well, and light-colored sheers and curtains will glow with the sunlight behind them, making the entire room look larger.
  6. White, light and neutral window treatment colors. When you choose lighter colors, you can create that spa effect if everything in the bathroom is sand-colored, white or a soft shade. Or, you can go light with your custom window treatments in light shades, and then have some fun designing your new bathroom wall colors, perhaps adding some pastel or darker shades to your ‘new’ bathroom’s look. Remember, though, that lighter colors make a small space look bigger, while dark colors make a room look smaller. Still, a pretty mint color on the walls can freshen your bathroom’s trendy look, especially if you select new window curtains or new window sheers in a neutral, or in a floral or striped motif – two of the biggest pattern trends in window treatments – that has a bit of that mint color in it. Choose your palette. Window treatments let you transform your room over and over again, several times a season.
  7. Coastal chic. White window treatments, window curtains, shades and sheers evoke memories of beach vacations, and will make your bathroom look like one of the prettiest, inspiring bathrooms in interior decorating magazines. Choosing an all-white palette adds an airy effect, you can still add visual interest with different textures throughout your bathroom space, and additional coastal and nautical décor and accessories complete your bathroom makeover.
  8. Ornate. As the polar opposite of coastal chic bathroom designs, another top trend in bathroom window treatments is opulence, choosing heavier fabrics in such rich colors as gold with a bit of shine to them, layering or draping opulent window fabrics for a regal look. Opulent silk curtain treatments with gold in the fabrics can coordinate with gold-colored wall sconces for added effect.

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