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Blackout Shades and Better Sleep

Posted: Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 | Filed under: blackout shades, Home cooling, window shading, window treatments
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Blackout Shades

Getting a good night’s sleep can be frustrating if the first rays of morning light wake you up, but with blackout shades installed as a bedroom window treatment improvement, you’ll finally get to sleep past 6:30am in the summertime, especially on weekends. Blackout shades will provide just that – a total blackout in your bedroom with pure darkness for your body’s ultimate rest and a great night’s restorative sleep that’s so important to your well-being. Health experts say we need at least eight hours of sleep, and if you’re going to bed at midnight and waking at 6:30am when the morning sun shines through your too-thin window shades, you’re missing out on the health benefits of good sleep.

Add to the morning light the maddening repetition of car headlights zooming through those thin window shades as well, waking you up over and over again throughout the night. If there’s a bright streetlight outside, you’ll never get the total darkness you desire. The full moon? That can brighten up the neighborhood and glow through that wimpy shade, and many of our New Jersey customers come to us with tired eyes, tired of the basic pull-down shades on their bedroom windows, hung incorrectly or not the perfect width for their windows, with the shades leaving gaps on the sides through which nighttime lights (including the moon!) shine into their bedrooms.

Blackout shades are custom-measured and custom-fit window treatments that block all light through the shade itself, and also use side channels to prevent any light from getting through. These ‘light-tight’ blackout shades do the job 100%, and are best professionally-measured and installed, since windows might not be completely uniform in size. Imperfect window installations or simply aging and settling of your home can create imperfect angles that a professional window treatment company will discover and make adjustments for. Trying to DIY this home improvement task will likely leave some gaps that ruin the blackout effect you’re after.

Blackout shades are in-demand by those who are sensitive to light and wake easily when the sun begins to rise, and parents find that their newborns and little ones also sleep and nap better when their rooms are completely free from any light. A rambunctious toddler taking a good, long nap? Many parents wish for those rare days, and now they can be most days when a totally dark room eases a child into needed naptimes or a longer night’s sleep.

Those who work nights and sleep days finally get their eight hours with blackout shades as a welcome window treatment, and when you’re feeling under the weather, a darkened room is a welcome relief for sleep that heals what ails you.

Many hotels and resorts feature blackout shades and heavy, overlapping curtains to provide guests with a good night’s sleep as a luxury and what they call a ‘comfort of home,’ so for better sleeping comfort, blackout shades can turn your bedroom into a comfy suite.

It’s not just bedrooms that benefit from blackout shades. Many of our New Jersey customers request these top window treatments for the rooms in their houses, condos or apartments that get high midday sun and resulting heat. Blackout shades keep that hot daytime sun from heating up their house and costing them a fortune in air conditioning, and when blackout shades are features of an entertainment room or den where you watch movies and television shows as a family, your viewing experience can be all the better with a completely dark room in movie-theater style.

Darkness can be a sweet relief, day or night, and blackout shades can be the perfect ‘bright idea’ to finally solve your sleep problems once and for all.

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