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Graphic Patterned Window Shades

Posted: Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 | Filed under: Home Improvement, interior design, window treatments
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Graphic Patterned Window Shades

Patterned Window Shades

To add a burst of decorative color and pattern to a room, consider graphic patterned window shades. This top new trend in window treatments allows great creativity to your home décor plans, and lets you easily transform a room on a budget. It’s just a simple flat panel fabric shade with your choice of color and pattern. Here are some of the most popular colors and styles of graphic patterned window shades:

  • White flat panel shades with bright, colorful stripes in yellow, red, blue, green, orange or another cheerful hue.
  • White flat panel shades with a chic, sophisticated black pattern such as stripes, damask, or trendy chevrons.
  • Brightly-colored shades with a different bright color of chevrons, stripes, or gingham.
  • Light blue shades with a darker blue delft china-type pattern for an antique-inspired pattern.
  • Bright yellow shades with orange stripes, chevrons, and other patterns.
  • Light orange shades with brighter orange patterns.
  • Light gray shades with black or darker slate gray patterns.
  • Multi-colored stripes for a candy-themed playroom or child’s room.
  • Brightly-colored shades with a vibrant balloon pattern for a child’s room
  • Sea blue colored shades with an Under the Sea theme of fish, starfish, seahorses or other motifs.
  • Tan-colored shades with a natural-themed brown pattern in criss-cross patterns or artistic free-form swirls.
  • Garden-chic shades with sage green background and a pastel floral motif.
  • Zebra-stripe shades in color – purple, orange, yellow – for a teen’s room.
  • Contemporary pastel shades with brushstroke effects in watercolor effect
  • Contemporary pastel shades with ‘bubbles’ of soft colors
  • Botanical-inspired window shades with a background of bright green, purple, terra cotta or other shades, and a vine or leaf print in white
  • Pastel-colored shades with a brighter hue in paisley, a top trend in patterned window shades

As an alternative to an all-over colored pattern providing a visual focal point in the room, you can also choose to have your flat panel window shade decorated with just a wide stripe of color and pattern along the bottom edge of your window treatment. This option is popular for kids’ room window treatments, with just a handful of trains, planes, flowers, moons and other fun children’s room décor motifs adding a subtle pop of color coordinating with a colored window valance.

When you choose a graphic patterned window shade, keep your wall colors solid to avoid over-doing the color and ‘busy-ness’ of a room, and coordinate with key décor items such as bed pillows, vases, and throws in one color from the patterned window shade to perfect your room makeover on a budget.

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