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Trends in Technology for Windows and Shades

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lutron cellular shades

Lutron Shades

Technology is growing by leaps in bounds in all areas of industry, and that includes the new technology being developed for the window and shading industry.  That iPhone you are holding isn’t just for Facebook chatting anymore – with a few more apps you can control most of the electronics in your home, and that includes the beautiful Lutron shades you have been looking to install.

People may have a tendency to think about lighting in terms of actual light fixtures, but the sun and moon provide the most natural light for our homes and offices, and electronic control systems allow us to easily regulate that light no matter where we are.

Within the shading industry, one of the most well known names in shades, that incorporates the newest technology is Lutron.  In fact, their Sivoia QS Wireless cellular shades are wire free (an industry first!) and have a battery life of 3 years.

Taking into consideration the outdoor light along with the indoor light when designing a room, electronic systems like Lutron allow you to fully set the ambiance that you want for specific times of day.

For example, installing Lutron shades in a bedroom can allow you to program pre-set levels.  Are you a morning person who loves to wake up to the sun streaming into your bedroom and look out on a fresh new day?  Set your Lutron system to open your shades right before you want to wake up.  The silent smooth movement will not disturb you, and soon you will feel the sun on you so that you can greet a new day the way that makes you most happy.  Needless to say, those of you who prefer to ease into the morning at a slower pace, can program your Lutron shading system to let in a little light at a time.

Did you ever think of your living room space in terms of ambiance?  If you are headed home from work after a long day, and you want to leave the bright fluorescent lights of the office behind, you may want to return home to a room flooded with natural light.  But, do you really want all of that sunlight flooding into your home during the day heating it up and raising your electricity bill?  You can have it both ways now by pre programming your living room shades to rise at the end of the day after the heat of the sun has passed.

What we have found is that once customers realize how much the lighting ambiance in a room can affect their own feelings of comfort and relaxation they want the flexibility to have different lighting goals at different parts of the day and/or season.  The Lutron systems are one of the easiest ways to approach creating that ambiance, and having the flexibility to change it along with your needs.

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