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Choosing Sheer Window Shades for the Home

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Sheer shades for the window

Sheer Window Shades

Shades can be thought of as a way to keep the world out of our homes.  But some of us like to enjoy letting the world into our home.  Sheer shades are one of the many ways that you can achieve this.  New types of sheer shading and new materials offer an even wider array of choices in determining exactly how much of the outside world you want to bring into your home.  Expanded choices in sheer window shades also open up a whole new world of design options.

Sheer shades are different than regular shades in that they (typically) will combine some of the qualities of blinds with that of solar shades.  Sheer shades can allow you to “open” or “close” the shades, varying the amount of daylight that comes into your rooms.  One helpful tip when deciding on what type of sheer shading will work best with your room, the slats that you can maneuver open or shut in a sheer shade come in varying widths.  Keep in mind that smaller widths mean that when the shade is “open” your views will be impeded by more lines from the turned slats.  Wider slats allow for a less interrupted view. 

When you chose your home (whether it be a house or an apartment) location likely played a big factor in your decision.  You home may be set along the green, tree lined roads of suburbia, or the adrenaline rush of busy city streets, or close to the roar of the ocean, or amidst the peaceful sounds of nature in a rural setting.  All of these locations make up your home environment, and sheer window shades let you bring as much of that environment in as you would like.

When you choose your sheer window curtains you need to determine how much of that outside world you want to bring into your home.  Because different fabrics allow for different levels of opacity, you can decide if you want to see the nighttime city skyline in all of its glory, or if you would like it to serve as more of a muted backdrop effect.

Likewise, you need to determine how much you would like people on the outside to see inside of your rooms.  It might be beautiful to gaze out on the skyline of a major metropolitan city like New York, but at the same time you have to remember that with a sheer shade, you are also on display.  A home that is shielded from neighbors presents a wonderful opportunity to not only create an outdoor oasis, but to gaze upon it and enjoy it even when you are inside.

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