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Top Brands of Window Shades

Posted: Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 | Filed under: Shading systems, window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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Lutron Who would have ever considered how many different options you can be presented with in trying to determine what type of window treatment to use in your home or office.  The window shade industry has grown immensely in the 30 years that we have been a part of it and luckily, those thirty years have given us vast knowledge of the brands making fine custom window treatments for residential and commercial spaces.

Technology has grown not only the choices that you have in what you are looking for, but also the choices that you have in who you are looking for.  We’re talking about who the top brands in the window shade industry are. 


Lutron, which is one of the most well known names in technology and window shades, holds over 2,700 worldwide patents, starting with the first patents made by the firm’s founder Joel Spira to create the thyristor dimmer, which was a much more energy efficient way of controlling lights than had ever been used before.  (The prior type of dimmer sent electricity for the light to another place where it was absorbed, and Spira’s interrupted he flow of energy to the source, saving energy.)

You may wonder how a company moved from dimmers to shading, but motorized shading has grown to represent a large part of the industry (and today’s consumers place a high value on technology).   Lutron is the only company that offers systems of dimmers and motorized shades, allowing customers to fully control the daylight or nighttime effects they wish to have in their home.

What we find our customers appreciate most about Lutron shades is the wide variety of choices in fabrics, design, and technological implementation that allow them to truly customize their order for their particular aesthetic focus.

Hunter Douglas Shades

Hunter Douglas may be the name in window shades that almost everyone has heard of before, and rightly so, the company is very well known for window treatments that are specially designed to be pet safe and child safe.  For example, it is the designer behind the only shade constructed with no rear cords to eliminate the potential hazards those pose to children.

The 60 year old company also invented the energy-efficient Duette honeycomb shades, an invention spurred by the energy crisis of the 1970s.


Finally, QMotion represents a brand in window shades that is testing new boundaries of design with inventions that are crafted with a focus on “ease of use”.  Having developed not only a battery powered system for giving shades electronic functions so that wiring through walls is no longer necessary, the company also created shades that use 4 high precision steel ball bearings that reduce the friction of moving shades, thus increasing battery life up to five years.

The growing competition in the area of window shades and window treatments is terrific news for the consumer.  With multiple companies trying to be the leader in the same industry, all are pushing to deliver high customer satisfaction in both quality of design, beauty of product, and usability – just about everything and anything you could possibly hope to find through your window shade supplier can be produced to meet your design and function requirements.

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