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Home Design Trends: The (Royal) Baby Nursery

Posted: Friday, September 20th, 2013 | Filed under: modern window treatments, window treatments
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Young-girl-room--zThe excitement of the birth of Prince George to Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) the summer of 2013, sparked many conversations (and some debates) over various aspects of raising a child.  As the world discussed possible baby names, baby fashions, and baby accessories, none was perhaps as intriguing as the speculation around the design of the royal nursery.  Would the Prince and Princess choose a “theme” for the heir’s room?  Would her simple chic style lead the way? Would they succumb to nursery decorating overkill as so many celebrities tend to do (ahem, Maria Carey and Donald/Melania Trump), or even worse decorating underkill (threadbare royal nurseries were the norm for years).

By August it seemed as though the London Press had interviewed every decorator in the city to find out what possible design style the new parents would choose.  The benefit of all of this speculation, however, is that new trends in interior decorating for nurseries became quickly apparent.  After all, every baby is a “royal” baby in the home to which it is born.

Traditional with whimsy

The odds on favorite for the royal parents to choose this type of design for Prince George’s nursery, simply because it is the style sense that the Duchess of Cambridge applies to her every day fashion life.  A melding of old world style with up to date, sometimes “preppy” touches, typically means a nursery with neutral palettes for a base and pops of bold neutrals as accents (hello navy and taupe).  In particular, bold patterns are currently very chic, including wide swaths of horizontal and even chevron stripes.

What is important with this style trend is that fabric accents like carpets, pillows or draperies be leveraged to their full potential.  Playful printed fabrics can be a wonderful accent that lightens the mood of a room without overwhelming the design as a whole.  And, whether your base color for drapes is light or dark, a wide variety of window shading choices can ensure that sunshine streams in when it is wanted, and stays out when it is not (naptime!).

Bold color and playfulness

While bold colors have been very on trend lately (tangerine was the Pantone “color” of 2012, and emerald was the “color” of 2013), they can be tricky in a child’s nursery.  New parents tend to want a soothing environment for their newborns, and while bright, fun colors may be perfect for a nursery, they tend to be on trend when used as accent colors.  Depending on your personality (and your child’s personality) bright pops of color may make for the perfect nursery.

Theme Nurseries

Theme nurseries are a tradition that never flags in popularity because they can be so much fun.  They can allow parents to take something fun and whimsical and incorporate it into that special place where their little one will spend much of their time.  Theme nurseries can be built around one specific thing (like a special character, or a specific animal), or they can be designed around an entire storyline.

In the end, as it turns out, Prince William and Princess Kate announced that Prince

George’s nursery was inspired by the theme of Africa.  This is the perfect example of how parents can impress upon their young child an idea or a story that is important to them as a family unit.  For Prince William specifically, as he told CNN during an early interview regarding “life as a father”, he said that a theme inspired by Africa would not only help George learn about a land that his father loved, but that it would also remind them of Prince William’s dream to save endangered species in the world.

In the end, no matter what theme you choose for your child’s nursery, perhaps the most important decorative advice that can be passed on is, to ensure that your window shades give you lots of options.  Just as daylight is important to babies when they are bright and eager to see and experience the world around them, the ability to make a room feel like a safe cocoon away from the chaos of the world is of utmost importance when they are resting during nap and bedtime.

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