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Home Design Trends: The Man Cave

Posted: Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 | Filed under: blackout shades, drapery systems, interior design
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Nobody is really able to pinpoint the exact moment that the “man cave” became a feat of interior design, but it has officially happened.  Previously, a “man cave” was your typical basement or extra garage space, or any place where the man of the house could place a favorite chair and hope to spend a few moments alone in peace and quiet.  But somewhere along the last few years, the man cave has taken on mythic stature and as its popularity continues to grow (social network HOUZZ sites over 11,000 man cave projects photos shared by members), so does the competitive nature of “man cave” owners who now know how much more than a spot in the basement, their special space can be.

The purpose of your man cave

The official design trends for the man cave, is to inject as much testosterone into the aesthetics as possible.  Popular man cave decorations include keg machines, vending machines, putting greens, pool tables, entertainment centers (Xbox much?) and even boxing rings.

While some man cave’s take shape over years, if you are designing a room specifically to be used as your man’s getaway the first thing to do is focus on what sort of environment he likes to relax in.  Is a pub-like atmosphere on his wish list?  Or would he rather everyone who enters the man cave feel as though they have been ushered into a private, upscale club?  Does your man’s life revolve around one hobby or sport?  Or do his interests cover a wider area, in which case if you can find a similarity that threads through them all that is a good starting off point (ie, race cars and jogging may show a “need for speed” that you can use as a theme for designing the room).

Inspirations for man caves abound.  Whether you are searching on HOUZZ or Pinterest, or through your favorite home design catalogs and magazines, there are plenty of ideas and products that can let you coordinate the perfect getaway space for the man in your life.  You would be surprised at what spaces people have turned into jaw dropping man cave spaces (everything from the side of a garage, to basements, to attics, to actual caves).  One thing they all have in common though, is the ability to make any visitor to “the man cave” feel as though they are in a protected area, sealed off from the outside world.

This doesn’t mean that spaces filled with light can’t make stunning man caves (there are plenty of them posted online).  But it does mean that you should give extra thought to how you want to use window shading or window blinds to let the world in or out to your special space.  Depending on what type of shading you choose, you can let in lots of light, or achieve complete blackout effects.  You can also opt to have remote operated shading put into your room, so if in the middle of the game you are laying on the couch and the sun is casting a glare on the television, you don’t even need to get up from where you are to lower the blinds.

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