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Modern Landscape Design

Posted: Friday, October 4th, 2013 | Filed under: Home Improvement, natural light, retractable awnings
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Proper shading can lower energy costs


A home’s landscape design is a very important aspect of the home overall. Most of the time we just think about landscaping in Monmouth County as a way to make the yard aesthetically appealing. But in reality, there is a lot more to it than that. When a homeowner finally takes the time to sit down and talk with a professional landscaper they will realize that the landscape design must be complimentary of the overall exterior design of the home or it will draw attention for all the wrong reasons. Landscape design can incorporate many different features depending on the desires of the homeowner and the effect he wishes to achieve. Here are a few of the most common features of backyard landscaping Monmouth County.

Water Scapes or Pool Scapes

A pool can be a wonderful addition to a home and provide many hours of entertainment value for the family as well as their guests. One of the important qualities of a pool or water scape is that they can be easily incorporated into an exterior design, or can be the focal point. Greenery can be placed around backyard ponds to create a relaxing haven from the chaos of life; or a professionally designed hardscape or backyard deck can line a pool that offers hours of activity and entertainment. Water scapes or pools can be as varied as the homeowners who choose them, but they can add an element of beauty to today’s modern home.

Firepits and Kitchens

One of the most popular features of today’s landscape design is the outdoor living area. Many people are choosing to create an entire outdoor kitchen for the purpose of hosting a wide variety of events without having to be separated from guests. And outdoor kitchen can be designed to meet the needs of the homeowner and can be fully or minimally equipped depending on their precise need. A firepit is also very common in outdoor living spaces. A firepit can be a standalone feature with a decorative hardscape, or it can be incorporated into the outdoor kitchen design. Outdoor living spaces like firepits and kitchens can be a modern or contemporary design ranging to a very exotic setting. Homeowners find that the outdoor living spaces as they fit into the landscape design of their home can be a bridge which pulls their interior and exterior design together as it becomes an extension of their home.


Hardscapes can be varied depending on a home’s overall exterior design and the other landscape elements that are being used. A hardscape can include a sidewalk, pebble walkway or a cement wall which provides a boundary. For some homeowners a patio on the back of the home provides a nice hardscape as well as a decorative element. Patios are also highly functional since they can be used for relaxation or entertaining guests. Walkways can provide ease of access to gardens, garages or entry ways as well as providing an aesthetic element to the landscape design. Planting trees, shrubbery or plants along a walkway can add texture and visual appeal to something that is a very practical part of the landscape design. Walkways can be constructed of brick, pavement, cement, gravel or rocks depending on the overall décor of the home’s exterior design.

Exterior Lighting

Lighting is often an overlooked landscape feature which can provide aesthetic value as well as an element of safety. With the rise of the outdoor living space, has come some newly designed modern lighting fixtures which provide a finishing touch on the landscape design while making it possible to enjoy it past sunset. Nightscaping is one of the fastest growing outdoor landscape features today.


Author Bio: This post was written by Philip Eriv; Philip Eriv is the owner of grounds Keeper Inc, a landscape design company in Monmouth County NJ.  Philip has many years of experience in designing beautiful landscapes, hardscapes, and waterscapes in Northern NJ, he works hard to bring out the beauty in ever landscape that he works on, for more info on landscape design visit, http://www.groundskeeperinc1973.com/

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