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Shading Challenges for Luxury Residences with Floor to Ceiling Glass Windows

Posted: Saturday, February 1st, 2014 | Filed under: floor to ceiling windows, window shading
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023-2Coconut Grove is a section of Miami, which represents some of the most historic aspects of Florida life.  The city was founded around the Cape Florida Lighthouse which was built in 1825.  It housed the first hotel in South Florida, and in recent years, has become a place with a lively artistic atmosphere (Madonna even lived there for a while in the early nineties!), hosting many events such as The Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, the Great Taste of the Grove Food & Wine Festival, and the Goombay Festival (a lively Carnival like experience).

An area of Miami that has undergone many changes as the lands around it have been developed, the Coconut Grove will be at the center of another historic change in 2014 as multiple towers of glass structured, luxury residences are developed in the middle of Coconut Grove.   We love hearing about exciting developments in architecture and design such as these, because everyone knows the first design choice that needs to be made when you live in a luxury glass building is, what to use to cover the floor to ceiling windows?

One of the more infamous designs currently being erected (and recently written about by the New York Times), has the lauded Rem Koolhaas/OMO brand behind its design.  The firm’s original design proposal was for six towers, with each one having only a single or duo residence on each floor.  The actual design that will be built was scaled back a bit and will include only 2-3 towers.  The residences will be 2,500-3,500 square feet ranging from $2 million to $4.5 million.  The floor to ceiling glass walls overlooking Florida will be the main focus of the design which will bring 360 degree views to almost each “villa” and present interesting window shading challenges to residents.

This particular development was, until recently, shrouded in secrecy.  The competition for architects was quite high-brow as the 4 firms competing are very well known.  In fact, they are so well known that even the designs that were not chosen for the development will be on display as “art” during the 2013 Miami Art Basel Festival in December of this year.

Also raising a glass wonder in Coconut Grove is the building company Terra Group.   Terra Group commissioned Bjarke Ingels to design their building at the site of 2675 South Bayshore Drive, and what he has done is created “Two glass-and-steel-encased towers rising in the sky 20 stories high, elegantly twisted at a 38-degree angle and housing 98 expansive residences.”

As different urban areas gain traction with development companies we are seeing more and more glass buildings arise.  Local to our company we gained quite a few all glass buildings in New York city, some of which can be excellently viewed from a walk along the Skyline.  Shading challenges face all of the residences of these new buildings, but luckily for them textile design has made just as many leaps and bounds in development over the past few years as has architectural and building materials!  Residents who are trying to figure out how to let the light in, or block the light at certain hours – or even just diffuse the light and manage a little more privacy, can look to a wide variety of roller blinds, blackout shades, and solar shading to meet their needs and shading requirements of highly styled glass residences.

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