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Five Easy Ways to Makeover your Master Bedroom

Posted: Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 | Filed under: Bedroom Design, Bedroom redecorating, Home Design, Uncategorized
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bedroom blueFive Easy Ways to Makeover your Master Bedroom

Everything needs a little bit of a “refresh” every now and then.  Your bedroom is no different.  Surprisingly, in many homes master bedrooms seem to get the short end of the decorating stick.  This is a shame.  After all, it is likely that you spend most of your time in the bedroom (even if your eyes are closed).  It is the first space you see when you wake up and the last that you see when you go to bed.  How your master bedroom appeals (or does not) to your sense of style and design goes a long way towards ensuring whether or not you are going to have a good day (week, month, or even year).

There is a very good chance that if someone were to go into your master bedroom right now they would find it to be a “catchall” of stuff.  A place to fold and sort the laundry (is there a more perfect spot for that than a high King sized bed?), a place where children’s toys are discarded until they are needed in that area of the house again.  A place for laptops and cell phones to lay around being recharged.  A place where kids flop across the bed on Saturday mornings to snuggle in bed with mom and dad and watch cartoons (alright – that one we love).  But, in all – you deserve your master bedroom to be a special place that reflects your design aesthetic just as much as you deserve to have a special place to rest your head at night.

Below follows Five Easy, and Simple (!) Steps that you can take to Make Over Your Master Bedroom

1.  Splurge on Lovely Linens. We didn’t say that all our hints would necessarily be cheap!  But sometimes a simple change – as in a new bedspread, sheets, and pillows can go a long way into creating a new look for your room.  Luxurious linens always help.  To increase your future options, start with a color palette that is simple and then use pillows to add and layer seasonal color and patterns to the room.  New York homeowners will want to have different seasonal fabrics than West Coast Homeowners.  But, with a luxurious base of fabric on your bed it is easy to mix and match whatever you want to add the flavor of the season.

Similarly, if you look to a well made, simple design aesthetic for your window coverings (such as custom made window shades), then you can also change up window treatments and fabric used around your windows, along with your blanket and pillow changes throughout the year.

2.  Repainting.  Whether you are refreshing the tired dingy paint on the walls, or going in a totally new direction with a pop of color, painting a room is one of the fastest and least expensive ways of accomplishing a design makeover.  Love the color you have already?  Consider leaving that as a base and using lighter and darker shades for subtle patterning.  Vertical or horizontal stripes (stick with three variations or less), repeating stark patterns, or color blocking on a single wall are all trending right now in home design.  For tips from professional painters on subtle striping of a room see this article at Real Simple.

3.  Add a new rug.  This is a tip that can be decidedly inexpensive.  Whether your room is carpeted or covered in hard wood floors, a new rug (big or small) can help inject a pop of color or pattern into a space and refresh a room.  Thinner, area rugs can be laid right on top of your existing carpet.  Although some designers recommend that this trick works best on low pile wall to wall carpeting, we are seeing it incorporated even more with high pile wall to wall carpeting as the base.  For example, adding a richly colored area rug to a plain carpet in the winter time, can be a way to inject a feeling of warmth and luxury into a bedroom.  There are lots of great examples here on this design blog.

4.  Change your “wall art”.  Perhaps one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room, changing the “art” on your walls (or adding some if there is none there now).  Investing in a large, framed picture can immediately snap a room together.  Have a large picture on the wall now?  Consider changing it up with an arrangement of smaller pictures.  Make a switch from paintings to photography.  Refresh the frames on your pictures.  Wall space takes up most of the area in any room.  How you decorate that wall space impacts the look and feel of that room more than anything else.

When you are picking out new wall art, or refreshing and rearranging old artwork, don’t forget to keep in mind how the light from the windows hits the place where the art will hang.  If you have blackout shades, or other custom window shades then you have more flexibility in terms of the light ambiance of the room.  Remember o keep paintings out of prolonged sunlight, and consider when and where the best light will be for bringing out the colors and patterns that work best with the room.

5.  Swap out all of your old hardware (drawer knobs, door knobs, curtain holders, light plates, etc).   We love this one, as it is a great room refresh for people who love to pay attention to detail.  Hardware is everywhere in your room, and in most homes it is simply meant to blend into the background.  A simple thing like swapping out all of the hardware on dressers, closet doors (door knobs!) and windows, can have a subtle, yet positive impact on the design aesthetic of any room.  Want to go from shiny hardware to a more dulled and classic metal?  Porcelain hardware, glass hardware, painted hardware, and a variety of metal and design options mean that you can do almost anything you want to refresh your room via hardware changes.

Any or all of these design changes will give you a new look in your master bedroom.  After all of the time that you spend in that room, you deserve to walk into a beautifully designed oasis.  No matter what you decide to do though, always remember that light has the biggest impact on how we see a room, and how you adjust your window shades and window blinds is something to consider as you step back and evaluate the room and what you want to achieve with it.

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