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What A New Window Can Do

Posted: Monday, July 21st, 2014 | Filed under: floor to ceiling windows, window treatments
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P1040364If you are considering a makeover on one or more rooms in your home, one of the best ways to make change that will have a strong design impact is with the creative use of windows.  Nothing refreshes and renews a room quite like bringing in new scenery from outdoors, or new light accents, or simply breaking up a wall with a new window.  The view, the moldings you choose to use, the window shading you incorporate, all can vastly change the style and décor of a room.  Here are some interesting and creative ways to use windows for a new design look.

Floor to Ceiling Bay Windows:  Flip Tradition on Its Head

Bay windows are always a terrific way to bring light into a home.  However, there are other options than the tried and true “bump out” window that has grown to look, perhaps too generic for your tastes.  When doing window installations we have been eyeing trends such as modernized bay windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling and have an industrial flair.  Reconditioned and/or custom fabricated, steel, floor-to-ceiling bay windows can change the entire feel of a room.  Depending on the wood and metal trims that you incorporate, you can create a more somber effect on a space that is flooded with light (great for a home office or quiet study space), or you can bring more light and reflection in by using more reflective metals.

When looking for window shading for your floor to ceiling modern, bay window design, you can choose from a variety of hidden and recessed shading that will subtly meld right into your window design.

Welcoming Windows

The entryway of your home is what greets your visitors, and gives them an inclination as to your desire to be hospitable (or not!).  Opening up a front door with window trim is an excellent way to bring light and life to your hallway.  The myriad options available for front door window accents include Victorian arches, geometric shaping (eye-drawing squares are a favorite), and stained glass windows.  If you find yourself leaning towards a wide, glass window framing for your front door you may also want to incorporate window shading.  Shutters are one option that can create fun and playful lines around the door and add personality and textural accents to the front of your home.

Top Floor Dormer Windows

Ahhh the dormer window.  Is there anything more quaint and cozy than a house with dormers?  Adding a row of dormers to the roofline of your house instantly changes its entire personality.  If those dormer windows are part of a true roofline addition and allow light to flood into upstairs rooms, you might consider dormer window shades with electronic timers so you don’t have to worry about high reaches.   If your dormer windows span several rooms, be sure to consider keeping the shading consistent across each window as they will be eye-catching from the street and consistency will not distract from the exterior lines that they add to your home.

Distinctive Windows.  Craftsman style

Celestory Windows.  Never heard of them?  By definition they are any window that is above and below a roofline.  Confusing?  Well, more simply put they are any window that is above the natural eyeline.  For example, if your kitchen is lacking in light, and your cabinets line an exterior wall, you may opt to have cabinets that end well below the ceiling, and above them install celestory windows to let in additional light.  If your home has a distinctive roofline, you might find plenty of places to add clerestory windows (cupola anyone?).  While these are likely to need custom made shading, there are many options that you can choose from that will either draw further attention to your new windows, or that will act as a more subtle covering to simply fulfill the need to cover/shade as needed.

Window Treatments

If new windows or breaking through walls is out of your budget, you might simply decide to completely change the design of your window through shading or curtains or valances, or other window treatment options.  Changing from roman shades to blinds or shutters can add texture to your room that you can build upon in other decorative aspects.  Changing from vertical blinds to soft pleated shades can soften a room and give you a completely different ambience.

Windows are one of the most versatile design aspects of your home.  If you are considering changing the function or décor of a room, we suggest you pay ample attention to your windows, and maximize your styling options by speaking to an expert window shading dealer.

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