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Awnings Are a Perfect Addition to Any Home

Posted: Monday, August 25th, 2014 | Filed under: awnings, retractable awnings
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terrace awing 1Having your very own outdoor area is a dream-come-true for any homeowner, especially if it is a terrace with a gorgeous view. This additional space can serve multiple purposes, from an exterior dining area to a lounge area where you can entertain guests under a moonlit sky. Sounds charming, no? But during the day when it is warm and the sun is shining brightly, it can feel just a little too hot for comfort. For this reason many homeowners choose to add retractable awnings overlooking the exterior area so they can provide shelter for themselves and any visitors to the home.

Exterior Shading Adds Protection from the Weather

As a practical accessory, exterior shading is perfect for outdoor spaces. It allows you to perfectly control how little or how much light exposes an area. If you are looking to protect yourself from harmful exposure to UV rays – or you do not want to get an uneven, unattractive tan – then installing an awning makes absolute sense. Combined with motorized controls and sensors, you have the option of adjusting automatically based on a number of lighting and weather conditions. You can even control how little or how much shade is achieved by using a remote control which is a very convenient feature.

Did you know awnings reduce the heat inside your home by 77%? According to the America Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) this can translate to your energy bill being cut by as much as 25%! Exterior shades achieve this by dispersing light and heat to the point that glare and UV rays do not reach the indoor area of the house. This is very useful feature to have if your home has big windows and sees a lot of exposure to sunlight.

Speaking of weather, how many times has a sunny day suddenly turned into a rainy one? It is safe to assume it has been more than once and likely just the one time was more than what you are comfortable with. A retractable awning can perform double-duty as a rain shelter. You can still have fun outdoors while under its protection.

Retractable Awnings Add Class to Your Home

Awnings are not only practical they add an extra layer of style and sophistication to any home or living space. And due to the advances in manufacturing and fabrics, it is quite easy to find an awning that matches the total look and feel of your home. Shading can be seamlessly designed to fit any home. They are a rare sight and to see one automatically invokes admiring comments from visitors. Shading not only complements the space, it allows it to pop by accentuating the area it is immediately covering. It adds character and, combined with the right lighting conditions, can add stellar ambiance to intimate gatherings. Imagine for a moment a candlelit dinner with illumination made more pronounced due to the shade above you. It is the little touches like that that can make a special night memorable.

Awnings and exterior shades offer add more than just protection from the elements, but a touch of charm. Contact an exterior shading expert for more details.

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