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How to Clean Window Shades

Posted: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 | Filed under: blackout shades, Green shading, Home Design
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P1010244As important it is to keep your couch cushions, your coffee table, and your windows clean, it is just as imperative that you keep your window blinds in good working order. Window shades are an extension of the windows, which are extensions of the space themselves and keeping them nice and spotless will help them accentuate the room and make them really stand out. How do you do that? First, be sure to ask the shading installer the best ways to keep them clean. The manufacturer is also an excellent avenue for cleaning advice. With that said, here are a number of tips you can use.

Vacuum blinds

This is probably the easiest way to maintain the cleanliness of your shading system. Using a brush attachment you can thoroughly clean your blinds at the same time your are vacuuming the space, which is very convenient. Also, brush attachments tend to be long and thus makes cleaning taller windows and shades that much safer and easier for you to do. When performing this task, vacuum from side to side, not up and down.


Another easy task just about anyone can do, you can dust your shades at the same time you are dusting the table, window sill, and other surfaces. And just like vacuuming, you want to work the duster from side to side. We recommend you use a softer lamb’s wool duster instead of a plastic one because the latter might scratch or damage blinds made out of a soft fabric.

Use a rubber sponge

Also known as a dry sponge, you can use it to wipe off the more stubborn dust from vinyl and fabric blinds. All you have to do is wipe across the blind with a firm hand. You can purchase a rubber sponge from any of the big-name hardware or paint stores.

Spot cleaning

Did your party get a little too lively and now you have a stain on your blind? Do not fret! All you need to do is spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a dry cloth and wipe the area of the stain. Spot cleaning is useful for cleaning small portions of the blind without taking the unnecessary measure of doing the entire shade. But whatever you do, do not spray the cleaner directly onto the blind because you may use too much and damage the material.

Warm water with detergent

For vinyl shades and shades with similar fabrics, you can use a sponge dipped in warm water and a mild detergent. When creating the water and detergent mix, we recommend you use mostly water.

Dry cleaning

This option should only be considered if your window shading is very dirty. Take the shades to a professional who can take out all the stains without damaging the fabric and hopefully in the future you will make it your mission to clean them as often as you clean your living spaces.

Your blinds are important accessories to the overall aesthetic of your home, so it is in your best interest to keep them clean.


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