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Why Choose Folding Shades?

Posted: Saturday, December 6th, 2014 | Filed under: Folding Shades, window treatments
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Why Choose Folding Shades

With the number of window treatments available to you, why should you consider folding shades? Folding shades, also known as Roman shades, offer a unique and timeless elegance that is all their own, making them the classic option for window treatments. Since they are a classic you cannot go wrong with them hanging on your windows! But if you need more convincing as to why Roman blinds are an excellent addition to any home, you have come to the right place.

Folding shades come in a variety of styles

Not all shades are the same and much can be said about Roman shades themselves. Folding shades come in a number of configurations, including flat shades, relaxed shades, and butterfly shades just to name a few.

Flat shades are the most common type because its sleek and modern design lends itself to homes that have been built over the last ten to twenty years. They are a perfect fit for most windows with typical square/rectangular panes. Should you decide to go this route, we highly recommend the shades you choose have patterns because they will stand out and accentuate the door and the area around it.

Butterfly shades add a touch of attractive extravagance and pizzazz to your windows because the ends swoop and are patterned like their namesake. These are best used traditional in living spaces.

Relaxed shades have ends that are tapered upwards so the middle resembles a bow. While mostly used in traditional spaces, these window coverings have found a home in many modern abodes. Due to the way in which the shades deploy it is highly recommended that you do not use them with windows wider than 50 inches. However, if you are still adamant about using relaxed shades for wider windows, consider adding a second blind so it covers the entire window. You can also use a double swoop configuration which doubles the area the shade covers using the same material.

But you are not restricted to these options; find the style that is right for you!

Add class to your space

“When in Rome, do as the Romans did.” And back in the day, the Romans had style and class like no other, so why not emulate that? Folding shades are classy because they have been the classic window treatment for many years. Many spaces use blinds that deploy from the sides, which are fine, but the traditional style of Roman shades are unmatched in attractiveness. As the blinds unfold in sequence it is hard to ignore how magnificent it looks, especially if you have chosen bold patterns or color schemes. These window coverings will absolutely stand out and charm both you and your visitors; it will also accentuate the furnishings around it.

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