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The Top Window Covering Trends for 2015

Posted: Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 | Filed under: Shading systems, window blinds, window treatments
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Renovating Window TreatmentsOne of the easiest ways to change the look of a room in your home is to change the window coverings, and this is such a popular and budget-friendly home décor change, you’ll find a tremendous variety of window covering styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, supplied by the top window covering design companies and touted by leading home décor websites as important not just for appearance but also as a home energy-saving strategy.

Since window coverings are at eye level, especially when couches and chairs are situated right in front of windows, their detail becomes very evident to any resident of or visitor to your home, making your choice of window shades, blinds, curtains, rollers and other window dressings very important to the visual appeal and the feel of your room.

To help you begin your process of selecting new window coverings for the rooms in your home, here are the top trends in window coverings for 2015:


  • Neutrals. Whites, off-whites, creams, and tans are the best-known neutral-colored window coverings, and still extremely-popular window covering colors, for their ability to make a room appear larger due to their light color, and also because they will continue to work with any change you might make in the furnishing and accent colors of your room. For instance, if you’ve long been in love with your living room’s beachy color schemes of sand and coral, but you’re in the mood for a brighter shade such as turquoise, your window coverings will still work with that vibrant color scheme. Thus, neutral window coverings can be seen as a budget-friendly window covering choice. In addition to whites and tans, new neutrals this year are light green, mauve and gray, inspired by the top fashion trends of the season, yet still timeless colors for your home.
  • Rich colors and patterns. If your room doesn’t have a lot of texture and pattern in your couch and chair upholstery, and your floors are also non-patterned (such as an elegant hardwood floor in the dining room or neutral-shade tiles in the kitchen,) a bright and vibrant pattern in your window coverings can add boldness and fashionable flair to a room. Plus, window coverings with deep, rich colors and bold patterns can offer more privacy than sheer curtains would.


  • Woven materials for window coverings, whether in natural or synthetic fabrics, are a top trend in window coverings for 2015, since they add a noticeable yet subtle level of texture to your window coverings’ look, and also make your window treatments pleasingly touchable. Soft or more structured wovens are also heavier than sheers, which may help block any drafts coming from your windows, so a switch to newer, heavier window coverings may be in order as an energy-saving measure as well. Within the popular woven materials for window coverings is the eco-friendly trend of bamboo window coverings, as well as grassweave, two of the top trends in window covering materials.
  • Aluminum. Think retro glam styling for this top trend in window covering materials, for a sleek, modern kitchen, an office or den. Metallics add shine to a room and may play off of other metallic elements of a room, such as kitchen faucets and pulls, or handles on custom bathroom cabinets. Everything retro is a top trend in home design for 2015, and aluminum blinds stand out as a dramatic element adding sophistication to a room. On a practical note, aluminum blinds are sturdier than regular metal blinds, and are less likely to bend or crease when handled or cleaned. On a budget note, aluminum blinds are one of the top window covering trends that are budget-friendly window treatment choices.
  • Sheer fabrics. If you desire the light and airy look of sheers, and don’t require as much privacy in a particular room, trendy sheers are back in fashion. Wispy sheers add softness to a room, and may help make a smaller room look larger since they afford a view of the outside. Sheers also allow lots of light into a room, and when that light fills the room, it makes all of the fine fabric details within that room – especially your window coverings – look their best.


  • Modern minimalism. Window coverings do not need layers and layers of additional accenting. Imagine a window with beautiful blinds. Then add to a curtain bar lengths of long curtains on either side, draping onto the floor in ‘puddles’ of fabric. Then add a draped valance over the top of the windows. Layering might be smart for cold weather dressing, but a top trend in window coverings is to let the blinds stand alone in the window, minus all of the curtains and valances. A less is more approach in today’s stunning simplicity trend in home décor lets your windows’ details stand out, and can make the room appear larger and roomier. And again, less window covering can mean more mood-boosting, pretty light flowing into the room.
  • Cellular shades. Honeycomb-style shades make the list of top trends in window coverings, since their patterned cells and construction work so well as an energy-saver for the home. Patterned just like a honeybee’s creation, with orderly cells, this design can help block summer heat and winter chill, capturing energy for your room’s cozy temperature.
  • Top-down bottom-up shades. This window covering style allows you more control of how much light you’d like to let into the room, with perhaps the top of the shade lowered or the bottom lifted up, and this trendy functioning also lets you tailor your open shade position to allow for the particular privacy you’d like. For instance, you may want more light in the bathroom, but want to keep the bottom two thirds of your window blocked by the shade. You would then lower the top of the shade. This personalized light and privacy arrangement is a top trend in window covering styles for this year, since there are so many degrees of open and closed shade that you can select.
  • Plantation shutters. While you might think of plantation shutters to be exterior window accents, as you’ve seen during your recent vacation to the islands, now it’s a top trend to install plantation shutters to interior windows, framing the open window space with these remarkable accents in fine wood detailing and room-enhancing window stain colors. They feature smart levers or wands for adjusting the louvers, again allowing you excellent light filtration and your choice of privacy.

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