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Top Trends in Roman Shades

Posted: Friday, February 6th, 2015 | Filed under: Shading systems, window shading, window treatments
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Consider Roman Shades to be an outfit for your windows. They elongate the window, drape fabric in the most beautiful of ways, and can be personalized to show off your room’s best assets. And like new fashion rules, horizontal stripes can be immensely flattering when done the right way. Your window covering design company can help you be the designer of these window shade looks, working with you to express your personality in materials, color and pattern, and bring out the beauty of your rooms in this top trend in home décor.

To help you begin your shade design for any and all rooms in your home, here are some of the top trends in Roman Shades:

  • Patterns: If you’ve seen basic tan Roman Shades in your friends’ homes, or perhaps want to upgrade your own Roman Shades of this style and coloring, you’ll be happy to know that Roman Shades can be custom created using fabrics in patterns. Choose from subtle patterns, like a tan brocade to a bolder pattern like a Balinese print in vivid shades. When your room doesn’t have a lot of pattern in the upholstery, adding pattern and color to your Roman Shades lets you dress up your room with visual flair.
  • Stripes. Wide vertical stripes are a popular design for patterned window shades, and in Roman Shades, stripes may cover the entire shade’s width, or you might choose simpler wide stripes down the sides of the shade. Again, choose from neutral colors, pastels and bold colors, depending on your wish for color contrast, to create the perfect window accents for your room.
  • Natural colors. In addition to creams, tans and whites that are evergreen colors for window shades, think about garden-inspired colors like soft green, pink, yellow and lavender, all top colors for this season’s leading home décor trends.
  • Nautical. Navy is a top color trend for 2015, owing to fashion runways’ homage to all things nautical this spring and summer, and navy is a timeless shade that will never be out of style. A darker shade such as navy works best in larger rooms, but you certainly can add depth to a powder room or smaller bedroom with this color of Roman Shade, given a balance of lighter colors in the room as well. Add in silver accents to your room to complete the nautical look, as well as wood elements.
  • Woven wood. The natural element of wood is not just an accent piece in a beachy room; it’s a top trend in Roman Shade material. Long wooden shades can create the experience of being at a lake house, or an island resort, a glam log cabin, or an exotic destination, depending on the wooden shade material you select, and the textures and grain of wood blinds add depth and dimension to your shades, as well as visual appeal to your room. Bamboo Roman Shades are among the most popular materials as well.
  • Top-down shades. Allowing more light into the room, Roman Shades that have the capacity to open from the top down are another top trend in this shade style, adding brightness to a space while still maintaining privacy, especially important for bedrooms, bathrooms and rooms on the first level of your home.
  • Draping fabric. Roman shades don’t stick to just one model that you may be used to, the flat horizontal panel arrangement of the classic roman shade. Roman shades with softer, draping fabric panels add a softer feel to your window treatments, and work well for living room window treatments and bedroom window styles, as well as bathroom window coverings and over-sink kitchen window shades.
  • Child-friendly. You’ve likely read about the dangers of shade cords when it comes to small children who can get tangled in them. If you have small children living in your home, every element of your home décor must be planned for child safety in the home. But what’s important to think about is that even if you don’t have small children living in your home, visitors or houseguests may bring them to your home. As little ones explore your space, they need to be kept safe at all times. So consider cordless Roman Shades to be a smart choice for the ultimate well-being of all who enter your home.

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