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What Are Clutch Mechanisms in Window Shades?

Posted: Friday, February 20th, 2015 | Filed under: Blockout shades, Solar Shades, window shading
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P1050337Have you ever seen window blinds that have been lowered, but they’re not completely horizontal? They’re just a little bit off, just a little bit angled, which can ruin the look of your window treatments, and if you’re sensitive to things being out of place can be very annoying? As cheap window blinds age, they may become more difficult to raise and lower to a level position, and if you experience this window blind problem, you’re likely interested in eliminating it once and for all. (And keep in mind that sometimes window blinds just don’t get level at all, which you may have stopped noticing, but visitors to your home notice right away!)

The solution to window blinds that don’t get level is clutch mechanisms, a top trend in window coverings today.

Window shade clutch mechanisms lift and lower blinds via a chain affixed to the wall, discreet and functional to keep window shades level. You just clutch the bottom of the window shade and pull down or push up, and they always stay level due to their streamlined design. In today’s world of clutch mechanisms, you’ll find traditional styles as well as cordless and motorized designs to make raising and lowering window shades something you get done quickly without a second thought. You won’t spend any more time wrestling with your blinds, raising and lowering them by cords to the left and right trying to achieve a fully horizontal position.

And if you have kids, houseguests or housekeepers in your home, they too can raise and lower blinds in any room without creating any level havoc that you’ll spend way too much time correcting.

Talk to your custom window design company to find out about the latest designs of clutch mechanism window shades, to upgrade your window coverings to a more functional model that’s easy to use, in window shade designs that add to the beauty of your home.

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