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Choosing Modern Kitchen Window Coverings

Posted: Thursday, March 5th, 2015 | Filed under: window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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P1050261(1)The kitchen is the heart of the home, made all the more beautiful with the addition of modern kitchen window coverings to let in streams of light, add color and texture to the space, and function well with eh activities taking place within the modern kitchen.

If you have a stylish kitchen design, perhaps via a recently completed kitchen remodel, you’ll want to show it off in all its glory, and stylish new kitchen window treatments are a top way to make your kitchen look streamlined, inviting, warm, and enviable.

To help you achieve your kitchen’s best look, here are some of the top tips to help you select new and modern kitchen window coverings:

  • Allow in natural light. Natural light in the kitchen is essential for all of the tasks that you and your family will undertake in that space, from cooking to doing homework. A bright, sunny kitchen allows for good visuals of computer screens, as well as tiny print in cookbooks and on measuring equipment. Natural light also helps potted flowers, plants and herbs grow in your kitchen, adding to the fresh and natural appeal of the room. If you’ll entertain friends and family in your kitchen, such as with a brunch or lunch, a bright sunny kitchen is always most impressive. Choose window shades and window blinds that allow in optimal sunlight during the day into the early evening hours.
  • Choose the right colors for your kitchen’s size. A small kitchen will look larger when window shades and window blinds are chosen in light colors, and a large kitchen opens up your window covering options to use either light or neutral shades, or brighter or darker shades. Patterned window coverings can be used in any size of kitchen, following the light vs. dark rules for your kitchen’s size. Since your kitchen likely doesn’t have many patterned elements, window shades in patterned designs add design without creating a too-busy look that takes away from the modern kitchen’s sleek and contemporary look.
  • Choose monochromatic colors. The modern kitchen looks coordinated and calm when colors range in the same color family, so when selecting paint colors for the kitchen, select several different shades of neutrals from lights to warmer, richer hues. For instance, a range of tans and brown is pleasing to the eye and can be accented by small touches of brights like cinnamon or teal. A top color trend for kitchens window shades is gray, a modern color choice that works with stainless steel appliances and marble or granite countertop colors. Too much color contrast can make a room appear smaller, so if using bold shades, incorporate softer shades from that same color family to soften things up.
  • Choose luxurious materials. Micro-suede is one fabric types that looks impressive in the modern kitchen, and high quality linen fabrics add a light and summery feel to the space. Your custom window covering company can show you swatches of luxe fabrics for window treatments. Keep in mind that window coverings located near a stovetop will be close to oil spatters and can absorb cooking odors like onion and garlic, so consider the ease of easily washable window shades rather than wood blinds that have to be more painstakingly maintained and conditioned with wood cleaner.
  • Think natural. Bamboo blinds or shutters on kitchen windows use eco-friendly materials and create a natural or exotic feel to your kitchen space. Eco-sourced wood blinds or shades are a top trend in window treatments, and if you keep an all-natural kitchen, this choice in window coverings works with your family’s value system.
  • Plan for clean and straight lines. Draping Roman Shades or valances don’t have the same modern appeal as straight lines in window treatments, so select blinds and shades with a fully horizontal appearance to work with the horizontal elements like your counter, island, refrigerator and stovetop.
  • Think minimalist. Curtains do not work optimally in the modern kitchen, whereas shades and blinds fitting into the window frame are a better choice, and look more timely. Other steps to achieve a modern kitchen design include eliminating clutter, using metals like stainless steel as fixtures and accents, bringing in potted plants for an earthy, fresh, growing sense, and removing all papers and magnets from your refrigerator so that its long, sleek, unfettered design pairs well with the expanses of your kitchen window coverings.

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