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What Are the Benefits of Patio Awnings?

Posted: Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 | Filed under: exterior shades, Home Design, Landscape Design
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013One of the greatest things you can do in the design of your outdoor patio or backyard terrace is adding a high-quality patio awning.

Not only does a sizeable patio awning add color, pattern and character to your patio space, it provides a number of additional benefits, including some wonderful (and some surprising) advantages of having a patio awning in your outdoor living space:

  • A new patio awning transforms your outdoor living space. With the addition of an awning, you get the look and feel of a new ‘room’ outdoors for your entertaining and family relaxation enjoyment. An awning adds outdoor living space to your home, giving your terrace or patio a makeover and fresh look, with the awning’s color perhaps inspiring a whole new color scheme for your outdoor living space.
  • A new patio awning lets you enjoy your outdoor living space rain or shine. A sizeable patio awning can provide ample shelter in case of a light shower, and it will also provide shade on those hot summer days. An outdoor patio awning increases the time that you can use in your outdoor spaces, adding more value to your entire patio investment.
  • A new patio awning provides cooling shade on hot days. When the sun is sweltering, your pets, kids, elderly relatives and guests, and pregnant guests have a nice, sizeable place to sit and relax, shaded from the blaring sun. Studies show that it can be up to 20 degrees cooler under a patio awning than in the spaces outside of its shade reach.
  • A new patio awning can also cool inside your home, saving on your energy costs. A new patio awning placed over a window or sliding glass doors keeps that blazing sun from beating against your walls, windows and siding, where that sun would increase the heat inside of your home. Patio awnings thus reduce that sunlight power, reduce interior heat by 5% for southern-facing windows, and by 77% for western-facing windows giving your air conditioning a break. When your patio awning is extended, your interior spaces cool down a bit, saving on your home’s air conditioning bills and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • A new patio awning can protect you and your home from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Specially-designed UV-protecting patio awnings can add an extra layer of protection against harmful UV sun rays on your skin, as well as protecting your patio deck and patio furniture from UV rays that can fade them, age them and perhaps require you to replace them at great expense in a shorter amount of time. When your patio awning also provides shade in the interior of your home, everything from your pricy wood flooring to carpet to your furniture to the art on your walls also enjoys protecting from harmful UV rays that fade and degrade them as well.
  • Retractable patio awnings give you freedom to use or not use your awning, at the easy touch of a button. No difficult or dangerous manual retraction process needed.
  • Again, new patio awnings help you give your patio spaces a makeover, with a range of colors, patterns and designs available. So if you’re starting afresh with a new patio awning, you have a world of patio awning colors open to you. If you’re replacing an outdated, faded patio awning, you can choose from the newest awning colors, designs and features for a new look to your patio area, including the option to install multiple patio awnings by each of your doors, patio sliding glass doors and above all windows for matching or complementary design, as well as improved energy efficiency in more areas of your home.

Talk to your patio awning and shading company designers to see how new patio awnings can improve the look, feel and your family’s enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces.

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