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What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Shades?

Posted: Thursday, April 16th, 2015 | Filed under: awnings, Bamboo Shades, window treatments
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P1050261(1)If you think bamboo window shades are only for tropical island beachside bungalows, think again. Today’s upscale window covering designs feature the top trend of bamboo shades that look far more stylish than anything you’d see on vacation or at a tiki bar. Bamboo shades add a warm, rich natural texture to any room in your house, with different shades of bamboo shades chosen to complement the décor and design of each of your rooms. Whenever you bring in a fine natural material to your home’s décor, especially window shades that filter in light, you create a natural feel that enhances the life in your home.

Here are some of the top benefits of using bamboo shades on your windows and doors:

  • A wide, wide variety of natural wood hues to give you plenty of choices to coordinate your bamboo shade colors with your existing furniture, wood floors and wall colors.


  • Eco-friendly riches. Bamboo shades are made from 100% organic, earth-friendly materials, giving you an earthy look with the green lifestyle seal of approval.


  • Bamboo shades can be customized to any length or width of window or door. The freedom afforded by your window shade company means that you’re not limited to store-available bamboo shade dimensions, but rather can cover your unique custom windows and doors with this earthy, natural material in shades that perform for your privacy and desired light.


  • Bamboo shades can be created to your choice of light filtration. You’re not stuck with that slatted light look that eases from between those bamboo lengths. Your custom shade company can design light-filtering or blackout liners to back your bamboo shades, for your choice of light levels as well as the utmost in privacy for all the rooms of your home.


  • Bamboo shades are available in many different styles. Your shade company can present you with bamboo options in Roman shades, tandem styles, top-down and bottom-up shades, and even roller shades to suit your preferences. Bamboo shades can also be incorporated into motorized window shade capability for your ease and for the safety of those in your home.


  • Bamboo shades can be paired with other materials. Coordinating the natural elements of bamboo with the rich fabric of curtains, or the wispiness of window valances lets you customize your personal style and perhaps further elevate the look of that natural bamboo with a luxury style motif in a room.


  • Bamboo may be lucky. Many people enact feng shui home design, to bring love, light, prosperity, health and abundance into their home or business, and in the realm of lucky materials, bamboo is one thought to bring all good things into a home. So if you subscribe to the idea of lucky room elements, bamboo may be your greatest choice of window covering material, amplified further by the color of bamboo shade you select.

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