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What Are the Benefits of Pleated Shades?

Posted: Friday, May 1st, 2015 | Filed under: Pleated Shades, window shading, window treatments
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IMG_1878Among the top trends in window coverings in 2015 are pleated shades, with the style offering a layered, gentle accordion-style look to window coverings that adds softness, airiness and dimension to a room. The style is fashion-influenced, with the fabric of this style of window shade playing a major part in its complementing other fabric elements within a room.

Here are some of the top benefits of pleated shades for your windows and doors:

  • Pleated shades come in different widths. The standard width is one inch, and pleated shades also come in two-inch widths that are often better suited for large windows, keeping the balance of the window structure overall, yet still providing the dimension and delicate folds of pleated shades.
  • Pleated shades can allow a lot or a little bit of light through. Your custom window shade company can advise you on sheer, light-filtering shade styles as well as room-darkening fabrics to best create the ambience you want for your rooms. When you have more control over the light in your rooms, from raised and lowered pleated shades and also via the material the shades are made off, you get more options to personalize the look and feel of your rooms at any time of day.
  • Pleated shades look terrific lined up in multiple windows. The horizontal lines of pleated shade folds create a room-enlarging effect that adds to the drama and luxury style of a room.
  • Pleated shades coordinate well with drapery, as well as with valances, and they will also work well as a stand-alone feature in window covering design that can let more light into a room ( as opposed to being outlined on either side by heavy draperies.)
  • Pleated shades come in many different textures, for visual appeal and also for tactile loveliness in settings (like behind a couch) where residents and guests might reach out to touch them.
  • Pleated shades come in materials, from sheers to heavier fabrics, that can provide UV protection inside your home, protecting your wood flooring, furniture, d├ęcor, wall paint colors and artwork from fading or drying out.
  • Pleated shades custom-created in the proper materials and light-filter blocking can reduce sun glare, which is especially useful in rooms where you will watch television, or where family members may play interactive games, use a computer or do homework.
  • Pleated shade materials may add to the energy-efficiency of your home when used to shut out glaring sun during the hottest hours of the day, and let in sunlight to warm a room, and heavier material may help block any draftiness from window frames that have not yet been outfitted with new, draft-free custom windows.
  • Pleated shades come in a variety of styles, from classic Roman shade styles to bottom-up/top-down shades that allow you better control over privacy and more natural light in a room.
  • Pleated shades can be outfitted with motorized controls or cordless lifts, making them safer if you have small children or pets in your home, and also offering ease of use.

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